3-18-05 Pinellas Beaches

It's been almost the 4th day straight of waves. The jet stream has been nice to us.
These are pictures of Friday 3/18/05, the end of the long swell for the gulf.
Around knee to waist high conditions all day.

Clip is Greg Boyer in Pinellas County beaches.

Greg Boyer on a little left.

Greg Boyer came out for a little bit to get some.

Jason Hayes from pinellas enjoing the last of the swell.

Jason Hayes: there's a waist high one.

Jason Hayes nice cut back.

Mike from Pinellas with a waist high right.

Mike, on another little right.

It was almost chest high to some of the groms.

Grom, sizing up another little gulf bump.


Almost starting to open up on the face. Surfer: Dave Muth

Longboarders heaven, local longboarder gets a long right.

Another right for the LB's. That was the board of choice today.