4/3/05 South of Pinellas Beaches
Waist to chest clean conditions in the morning. With light wind coming on it in the afternoon.

Andrew Freedman droping in on a nice left.

Steve Willis of Max Wax on his longboard.

Unkown Surfer off the top.

Heath looking ready.

Unkown Surfer.

Unkown Surfer.

Kyle Applefield showing off his gulfster decal.

Unkown Sufer with a layback spray.

Later in the afternoon.
The wind was on it a little more, here a some pictures from another break south of Pinellas

Unkown Surfer droping in.

Unkown Surfer avoiding the wedged peak.

Unkown Surfer backside snap.

Matt westcoast surfshop team rider.

Sequence shot of Matt .

Unknown Surfer deep in a gulf pit.

Unknown Surfer

Unknown Surfer

Unknown Surfer with a cover up sequence shot.

Christian Chamberlain, A Grom from Westcoast Surfshop Surf team tearing it up.


Unknown Surfer sizing up this gulf bomb.