Festival of the Sun.
The turn out was HUGE, it seemed that everyone came out. I mean everyone. The Hatfield skim contest had a huge turnout with almost 80 entries total.

The line of skim entries.

Even this guy came out..

The Gulfster Tent

The Announcers

Random crazyness...

The Skimmers...

Lots of talent came out, but the conditions were choppy and the wind was on it 25+ kts.

One of many airs.

Little air against the wind.

Big pop shov-it.

The Hatfield boat was docked off shore and battling the choppy conditions.
Lots of crazyness was going on...


Will he make it?

Everyone was doing grab airs to keep there boards from blowing away.

Frontside 180 air.

The wind holding him up.

Up close pop shov-it.

Cool shot looking down the beach.

The Hatfield guys couldn't let the day go by without adding in some of their crazy shananigins.
This was the line up for the hot mom contest they held on the beach.