The Compound Board Shop's Trip To Mexico

As many of you know the C* has teamed up over the past couple years with Mision Mexico (a kids refuge in southern Mexcio). I have had the pleasure of going down a few times and running surf camps, contest, work projects, and in July i I had the pleasure of taking the Graduating High School Class from MM on a surf trip up through Chiapas and into Oaxaca and ending at the heaving beach break Zicatela in Puerto Escondido. We surfed a few magical right point breaks along the way. The trip was great, we scored good waves, and I got to know the kids of MM even more. This place is so special. The work that Pam and Allan Skuse have done down there is amazing. As i drove the 11 hours up the coast I had the privilege of getting to speak with Hans (a 20 year old who just graduated ) and what is so remarkable and worth celebrating not only is the fact that he graduated high school, he had NEVER been to school before coming to Mision Mexico. His first day at school was at the age of 15! Completing 12 years of school in 5 short years, while also learning english is a reason to be rewarded! This is just 1 story as to the accomplishments of Mision Mexico and the kids that live there, and thats why we wanted to take these kids out of there home town surf break for the first time and reward them with the gems of beach breaks, right and left points, as well as cool cultural citys of their country Mexico. Here at the C* we have thrown a few fundraisers to raise some cash for our the next building project down there. We have raised just over $9,500 on our way to $15,000 to start the project. If you would like to know more about Mision Mexico and how you could be involved throw me an email: I hope you enjoy the photos and lets cross our fingers that we score a fraction of the swell here late this week as we did on our Mexican Road trip!

Jacob Shields