Top Most Pics are from The Bradenton Area

Meanwhile N. In St. Pete....

2 Pics below are from the North Beaches of Pinellas. Photographer, Sean Scott
Surfers unknown

Down South. location: Unknown
Surfers Below Dale Rieke and Chris Barstow
Photographer: Kim Bright


7/20/04 knee-thigh high leftovers...

All of the construction has started on the far south end of Upham Beach,behind Swigwam. So Upham is clear of construction for this swell.This is a current shot of the progress of Upham Beach Renurishment project. Still Surfable!!
(Picture of construction at Upham Beach )
Thursday's (7/15/04) Pics From Sunset Beach, St. Pete.
Surf was small, but this kid was still out rip'n it...