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We flew out of Ft. Lauderdale on a tiny 8 seater plane. The flight was a different experience compared to flying on a big commercial jet. Time flew by, and we suddenly started seeing the first Islands of The Bahamas. about 15 minutes into the flight. The view was breathtaking.
We arrived in North Eleuthera Sunday afternoon and took a taxi to
The Recovery Room, which was located on Surfers Beach. We unpacked and checked the surf. The surf was small, nearly flat, but we paddled out anyway to get more familiar with the break and the reef below. The water was beautiful, you could see right through it.

When we woke up Monday morning, the waves were crashing on the beach almost 200 yards down the hill from where we were. A swell filled in over night. When we got down to the beach we peaked over the top of the hill to see some over head surf. The surf was pumping with the wind on it. It wasn't perfect but is was better than a choppy day on the East coast. The reef keeps it breaking in the same spot so you could still hook up with a short head high line. The reef works best for lefts on the North swells. There were rights sometimes, but it was like taking it backdoor. We surfed all day and it was fun to experience what it was like surfing Eleuthera especially after seeing the pictures and hearing the stories back home.
Tuesday we woke up to another great day of surf. Much like the day before, but even cleaner. The surf was amazing, you could see straight through the wave. When you dropped in. the transparent water showed the reef below. We had another full day of fun easy lefts. These waves were like gentle giants. However, we did have a set back, our video camera was dead, so we got some good still shots. Later...we drove back to North Eleuthera Airport to pickup our friend Andrew. We went back to surfers beach and scored some smaller surf than earlier, but still very fun.
Wednesday the winds went offshore and we had some clean dropping surf. Still had some chest high sets to work with, which had real clean faces. Beautiful sets and more transparent waves made for a beautiful day. We saw the local "Surfer Pete" who built much of Surfer's Beach and the huts around the beach for surfers to sit in and relax after surfing.
He told us to get on the surf because this was the last day of the swell.We surfed all day in some very clean, chest high, gentle conditions. It was as clear as a swimming pool. 

Thursday we woke up and checked the surf. The offshore
winds had been on it for a while now, and the surf only looked like mainly shore break. We took Thursday to enjoy some downtime to rest and checkout Harbour Island which is more of the commercial end or strip of Eleuthera. We rented a Golf Cart and checked out the Island and the Pink Sand Beach.
Friday we woke up and checked the wind, which was still offshore. But there was still a groundswell coming in and the waves were backup! We surfed some extremely clean morning glass. We surfed all morning, went in for lunch and scored another afternoon session, but the winds switched onshore so conditions got choppy.

We checked out the local fish fry Friday night in Hatchet Bay, and kicked back with some of the locals. Everyone in The Bahamas is so friendly, regardless of how poor they are. Anyone and everyone says hello and is willing to help you with any questions any time. Everyone was just hanging out, even though 3 white boys stood out like a sore thumb. We felt very welcomed.
We went to Elvinas in Gregory Town after the fish fry. It was open mic night and we found some other people from the states there.
A local was telling us of a low coming towards Eleuthera from S. Carolina which would push some 20' seas our way, but we were leaving too early Saturday for the cleanup which would probably come sometime later in the week. Although there was not much to surf Sunday or Thursday, I'm sure it was rideable on the right tides somewhere on the Island. We scored heavily on the other 4 days we were there. Eleuthera is definitely a swell magnet.

Eleuthera is a limestone island made of caves and holes, thousands of them! Be aware where you are walking as holes as deep as 40-50 feet honeycomb the island and most properties, including the Recovery room.

The island of Eleuthera is not only beautiful but the people are wonderful! It is very casual, friendly, relaxed and much of the island life is based on trusting your neighbors, getting along together, and being helpful. Travelers should remain aware but we think you can relax at the Recovery Room! Eleuthera is an out-island without many of the amenities of the U.S. But we think it won't matter after a few days in paradise at The Recovery Room!

The Recovery room is located just minutes away from Surfers Beach. It is in the prime of Eleuthera as far as surf is concerned. Surfers beach is a great area. You can find food if you need it at Surfer's Manor or The Sugar Apple Inn. The locals are all friendly and may add to one of your greatest vacations ever.
Eleuthera is the Hawaii of The Bahamas.

You can rent out The Recovery room for only $500 per week.
4 people can stay here very comfortably and you will find The Recovery room offers many things that other local hotels won't like:
2 bed rooms, kitchen, living room, TV/VCR/DVD player. It's a steal!

We put together a 7 1/2 minute video of our trip. The surf in the video was from Wednesday which was only one of the smaller cleaner days in Eleuthera.

For even more pictures checkout Page 2 of our trip to Eleuthera...