Below Pics From Chateau 8th Floor.
Looks like its not even the gulf of mexico. With the pumping you can see from up here.
I kind of looks like a cliff shot. Its impressive and shows the gulfs potential.

The people look like ants from this sky view.

Look at the lines just coming in. Don't you wish that was the norm.

Almost too far away to get a good surfing pict, but these will work. The angle is cool enough.

Below Pics From Chateau ground level.
It was getting dumpy there in sections too. But not like Upham's new dump!

Doesn't dump as hard as upham, but longer lines.

Pics below are from Upham Beach a.k.a. the DUMP!
This break is heavy now. What a change from the old upham which couldn't hold any size. It would
mush out on the out side and loose all its power for the inside...Not Any More!

It jacks up allot here and dumps hard here at upham now. Look at the walls of water below.

Head high to over head at times. See for yourself.

Check out some of the power the gulf was letting off today.

Below are some of the lucky ones to experience Upham's new wrath.