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12/1 - 12/207 ESA Contest @ Cocoa Beach East vs West

Ealy November 2007 - Gulfster in Costa Rica

9/22/07 Low Pressure in The Gulf - Waist High Surf

8/22/07 Hurricane Dean in WFL - Video By Mike Young

Gulfster's 5th Year East Coast Video
About 6 minutes of East Coast Footage from over the years Video 3 of 3

Gulfster's 5 Year GULFCOAST Video
4 Minutes of Gulfcoast Footage From Over The Years. Video 2 of 3

Mid June 2007 - Gulfsters Summer Video
1 of 3 In Gulfsters 5th year video series

4/21/07 New Smyrna Inlet • ESA Regionals & Free Surf

4/15/07 - April always seems to bring at least one good swell

2/2/07 It's Groundhog Day!! Surf Video By Mike Young

1/28/07 Free Surf Video By Mike Young

1/28/07 ESA WFL Surf Contest Video 2 of 2

1/28/07 ESA WFL Surf Contest #-2 South Jetty Venice

2007 O"Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro Quicktime Video
1/11/07. Featuring Shea Lopez, Asher Nolan,
CJ Hobgood, Gabe Kling and many more WQS surfers.

2007 O"Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro Tow At Comp
Video By Gulfster.com


Gulfster.com Video from 12/2/06 Groundswell Saturday


AuraSurfProductions Water Video 12/2/06 Groundswell Saturday


11/17/05 Down South Cleanup Video By Christian Moriarty


11/16/06 Video By Mike Young


One of the First Powerful cold fronts of the season
10/28/06 Mike Young's Video from North Pinellas County

Gulfster Goes back to Eleuthera 10/2006
Not an epic swell by any means, but there's something
about surfing the Bahamas that keeps you coming back for more

Hurricane Helene Leftovers On The East coast
Video by Gulfster.com filmed at RC's 9/23/06

Revelation Production's Video of small but rideable surf
September 2006 in the Panhandle

Tayler (Termite) Brothers Surfing at home in the gulf during
Tropical Storm Alberto. Video By ColorBlindMedia.com

Revelation Production's Coverage of Tropical Storm
Alberto's waves hitting the Panhandle

The First named storm of the 2006
Atlantic Hurricane Season Enters The Gulf
Video by Mike Young

Taylor Brothers 3/10/06
Tayler Brothers Ripping it up
on his home break, just watch this kid rip!

Chunky Cold Front Surf 2/12/06
Video By Mike Young
Windows Media

(Click Image To Play Video)

Gulfster's Sebastian Inlet Pro Video 1/12/06
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Quicktime Only
File size is HUGE 53 MB
may take a while to load

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Video - 11/22 N. Pinellas.
Sloppy Conditions didn't stop
Cory Lopez from shredding these waves

Video By Mike Young

A film shot by Steve Visnage from a spot near
Destin on
Okaloosa Island

By Cavin Brothers / Color Blind Media

Featuring: Taylor Brothers, Cavin Brothers, Jack Goggans,
Ashton Goggans And other local Madness...

Hurricane Rita
Another Cat 5 storm in the Gulf By Mike Young
Windows Media

Hurricane Ophelia East Coast
One of the best swells to hit the East Coast in 2005

Hurricane Katrina Video
A video with the gulfster crew and others surfing
Katrina around Pinellas County Beaches
Windows Media

Hurricane Emily - FL Panhandle
Solid groundswell surf in the Panhandle by
Windows Media Other videos by Revelation Productions:
Emerald Dreams Trailer
and The Frances Project Movie Trailer.

Hurricane Dennis
As of July '05, The best swell in WFL since Hurricane Ivan of '04
Windows Media
Also Checkout Mike Young's Video On Dennis

Tropical Storm Arlene
The first named storm for the 2005 Hurricane
Season. Somewhere South of St. Pete

Windows Media

Winter Skim 2005
A skim video sent in.
Featuring some fun skim from the winter of '05

Windows Media

By Mike Young. Corey Lopez and others.
Pinellas N. Beaches 4/24/05

Windows Media

Gulf Stoke Emerald Horizons Trailer
A film by Mike Young. All WFL footage on this DVD.
You can order a copy in the Store Section.

Windows Media

Bulatowicz Skate Video
By Tony Coleman of Aurasurf.com

Windows Media

Video From 4/8/05
By Mike Young

Windows Media 5.5 MB

Quicktime Video 11 MB

Eleuthera - Island Fever
Many people didn't think you could surf in the Bahamas.
Gulfster.com went on vacation at the Recovery Room in Eleuthera.
This was an average swell for early April. 4/5/05-4/12/05

Windows Media


Video From 4/3/05 S. of Pinellas
Fun waves with a little barrel action

Windows Media 2 MB

Quicktime Video 8 MB

Video From 4/2/05 Pinellas N. Beaches

Windows Media 5 MB

Quicktime Video 14 MB

3/08/05 Part Deuce by Mike Young
More from chunky Tuesday

Quicktime 18 MB



VIDEO By Mike Young 3/08/05
This video was shot and edited by Mike Young.
The creator of the new and upcoming video Gulf Stormz 2005.


SKIM VIDEO By Jason Roosa
Check out this video put together by Jason Roosa, a
gulf coast skimmer. Average skim, but fun to watch..


Windows Media Player 11 MB

Video by Mike Young.

  3/1/05 - Mike Young 
Windows Media Player 6.13mb

  3/1/05 - Mike Young
Quicktime 9.7mb

Globe Inlet PR0 2005
The 1st Pro Comp
in over 10 years in
FL comes to
Sebastian Inlet.
Cory Lopez, Slater
and others...

  Globe Inlet PRO 1/6/05 
Windows Media Player 9mb

  Globe Inlet PRO 1/6/05 
Quick Time Media Player 23mb

ESA Comp Venice
December 12, 2004
ESA Competition at Venice South Jetty. This is another video we put together from the footage.

  ESA Competition 12/04
Windows Media Player 6.2mb

  ESA Competition  
Quick Time Media Player 10.4mb

ESA Comp Venice
December 12, 2004
ESA Competition at Venice South Jetty. This a video gulfster put together from the days action.

  ESA Competition 12/04
Windows Media Player 8.9mb

  ESA Competition  
Quick Time Media Player 18.1mb

Panhandle 12/23
Right before christmas The Panhandle received Solid over head swell.
Video from the Creator of
The forgotten Coast.
Panhandle goes off 12/23/04.
By Revelation Productions

  Panhandle 12/23/05
Windows Media Player 6.5mb

Givin' Thanks
From Thanksgiving 2004,
A Cold front gave us some waves to gobble up in WFL.
Here is a video so you can make it last longer
and keep givin' Thanks.

  Givin' Thanks 11/26/04
Windows Media Player 3.1mb

  Givin' Thanks 11/26/04 
Quick Time Media Player 7.6mb

New Smynra
A swell was hitting the coast for a while with all the backdoor fronts.
We stayed up North for the weekend and this is a little video we threw together.

  New Smynra 11/13/04 
Windows Media Player 2.75mb

  New Smynra 11/13/04
Quick Time Media Player 6.56mb

First Cold Front

A little video of our First cold front for the 2005 Winter season. Just a little
something to
get you stoked!

  First Cold Front
Windows Media Player 2.75mb

  First Cold Front
Quick time Media Player 6.56mb

Hurricane Ivan
Tony Coleman maker of Gulf Blvd.
Video from Pinellas N. Beaches.

Windows Media

Hurricane Ivan
One of the Gulf Coast most epic days. This is our video from our coverage in Pinellas county Beaches.

  Hurricane Ivan
Windows Media Player 5.1mb

  Hurricane Ivan
Quick Time Media Player 13.4mb

Down South Aug.

This film was shot South of
St. Pete. on 8/6/04.
Good waves with some good surfers. Just an
average day when
the Gulf is up.

  Surfing Down South
Windows Media Player 7.4mb

  Surfing Down South
Quick Time Media Player 7.2mb

Bonnie & Charley
St. Pete left overs from Bonnie with what little bit of swell was coming from Charley.

  Bonnie & Charley
Windows Media Player 1.7mb

  Bonnie & Charley
Quick Time Media Player 2mb

"Gulf Blvd DVD" Trailer
This is a trailer of one of the Best Gulf surf movies made. You have to see it for yourself, but the trailer is only a taste. If you want the full version you can purchase them in the Store section.

  "Gulf Blvd Trailer"
Windows Media Player 9mb

"Secrets Out DVD"
A video made by Gulf Surfers on their quest for surf. Featuring Costa Rica, East Coast, Typhoon Lagoon and
of course the Gulf Coast. Available in the Store section.

  "Secrets Out Trailer"
Windows Media Player 4mb

  "Secrets Out Trailer"
Quick Time Media Player 4mb

Hole Part 1

Video of the infamous break known as monster hole. Sebastian Inlet.

  Monster Hole Part 1 
Windows Media Player 3mb

  Monster Hole Part 1
Quick Time Media Player 2.4mb

Monster Hole
Part 2
More video from the hole.

  Monster Hole Part 2 
Windows Media Player 3.7mb

  Monster Hole Part 2
Quick Time Media Player 1.3mb

Monster Hole
Part 3

1 more form the hole.

  Monster Hole Part 3 
Windows Media Player 3.3mb

  Monster Hole Part 3
Quick Time Media Player 1.2mb

Pier Fest

Sponsored by Sly5 Clothing.
Skate footage from the Skate Contest they held.

  Pier Fest 2004
Windows Media Player 4.1mb

  Pier Fest 2004
Quick Time Media Player 4.1mb

Sebastian Inlet
"Barrels" from 3/31/04
A big and barreling day at
Sebastian Inlet. Super pound, so clean! Find a shoulder and go! just watch out for that lip!

  Seb. Inlet "Barrels" 
Windows Media Player 2.3mb

  Seb. Inlet "Barrels" 
Quick Time Media Player 5.5mb

Sebastian Inlet
These guys always seem to be out enjoying some Tow-ins when we are surfing the inlet. Just a quick sample...


  Seb. Inlet "Tow-Ins"
Windows Media Player 1.9mb

  Seb. Inlet "Tow-Ins" 
Quick Time Media Player 1.8mb

St. Pete

Average video that
we took at our
home break 7/18/04.

  Sessions at St. Pete.
Windows Media Player 3.6mb

  Sessions at St. Pete.
Quick Time Media Player 3.4mb

Session at

Another St. Pete
video from

  Sessions at Chateau
Windows Media Player 3.8mb

  Sessions at Chateau
Quicktime Media Player 3.5mb