New Smyrna Spring Break '04

New Smyrna, is a surfer's town. A great beach. I learned how to surf there when I was a kid, this was my first trip back since. I remember it being a lot like Daytona where you could drive your vehicle along the beach. It's still like that today. New Smyrna ranks up with Sebastian Inlet being one of the best, most consistent breaks
in Florida and the East Coast. The fact you can comb many miles of beach on vehicle and find your own break makes it such a special place. And when you have spring break kicking in and add all the wild college kids, and many ladies tanning in their bikinis with the surf up (Even a Billabong Contest taking place just off Flagler Ave. makes you feel like your in California.) This is a live town, a surfer's atmosphere. While exploring the beach area on car we passed a construction worker in his 50's, totally decked out in hip surf clothing, exclaiming "Man I can't wait to hit the surf this afternoon at Lunch!, How's it looking now?" We explained to him that we are from St. Pete, he said, "you can surf there?"

So, we arrive at the beach house and it is in prime location, just one block off of Flagler Ave. and just two blocks away from the Beach. I fell in love. First thing we did was grab our skateboards and headed to the beach. It was night time, but the swell was still pretty good from the NE. I knew it would be fading fast from that small front that past the Gulf mid week. Morning arrived and we woke up and headed straight to the beach. With the morning dew in the air and light morning breeze. We knew any swell left would be clean. We get the beach to find glassy waste to chest high, very fun waves and surfed for about 4 hours. It was real nice but the swell just wasn't big enough to hold up through the high tide. Once the tide came in, so did we. We went to Breakers on Flagler Ave. right by the beach. I don't recommend the Tuna Salad. Then we walked down to the Quiet Fliet Shop, Man they have a really nice shop right on Flagler Ave.

Sunday morning we went to the beach and there wasn't much wind but the NE swell was fading and the SE was starting to fill in and really cross things up, making it look like gulf surf. But being the Gulfsters we are we went out and scored some really sick surf. Being from the gulf we learn to get creative in choppy surf. I mean you can connect some pretty weird lines, with some mean little ramps. Needless to say we had fun, and what an awesome town, great atmosphere, any surfer in Florida knows this break as one of the best. And who cares it's been titled "The Shark Attack Capital of the World". Doesn't that make it more of a sport anyway?

Story by Ryan C. And Dan P. of Gulfster