Kyle Applefield recently took a trip to the Panhandle
to meet with his board sponsor Barrio Boards.
He got to choose 2 new shapes from Barrio and
score a
photoshoot with Barrio's model.

   He's been riding Barrio's boards for a while now
and ripping it up with them. Barrio is definitely
taking notice, that's why they invited Kyle
up to the handle to party it down while hooking
Applefield up with 2 fresh shapes.

   These are a few questions Gulfster had for him
when he returned.

GULFSTER: How do you like Barrio as your board sponsor?
: They're sick and you can tell he takes pride in his work.

GULFSTER: So what two new shapes did you get from Barrio?
: I got a 6'0" squash and a 6'2" for bigger waves.

GULFSTER: How was the trip? Fun, and how about the party?
: The trip was sick. I had fun watching Erich shaping boards. The first night we hit up a club and the next night we hung out with the locals and partied down.

GULFSTER: What are your goals with Barrio Boards, are they hooking                         you up with more than just boards?
: My goals with them are to Help Barrio get a good rep and get the              word out about Barrio Boards. I am on a trade in basis right              now, when one board gets a little used then I swap it out for              another new one.

                 GULFSTER: How did you get connected with Barrio Boards?
: I met Barrio at the Surf Shack when he was there                                promoting his stuff. Barrio and his wife seemed                                    pretty cool and things just happedned from there.

                                       GULFSTER: What other sponsors do you have?
: Of course Barrio Boards, you guys at                                                          Gulfster have been a big help, and                                                  the Surf Shack has been the biggest help                                               and have been giving me a lot of support. I                                                really have a lot of thanks for them.


   Kyle is making it big in the Gulf surf scene in not only WFL but the Panhandle He was ripping it up when we found him and continues to improve.

   He only deserves what he gets for his great   surfing ability, and soon he will probably be    too big for the Gulf but we will always     remember where he came from.









A couple of words from Erich Kreybig of Barrio Boards:
"Barrio Boards are with Kyle. He is our "rockstar" guy and as we grow his quiver will grow. Kyle is on a trade-in basis right now, 1 board gets a little to used for his liking and he swaps it out for another new one. Kyle is a great kid and has the potential to actually go somewhere with his surfing, we pretty much figure that he will be living here during hurricane season, ha ha. My wife has even said that we'll just get rid of the kids so he can stay here all summer. I hope to have him attempting his own boards by this summer, right now all we want for him to worry about is Regionals and shreding every thing in site!"

To get more info about Barrio Boards see their My-space page at
or you can e-mail Erich at to discuss getting your own Barrio shape.

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