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3/9/08 ESA WFL Surf Contest - S. Jetty Venice

Beautiful chest high perfection for the ESA WFL contest

Everyone was finding tubes all day long…

Tony Foucher

Sterling Foster, little ripper from Naples, watch out for this up and coming Grom!

Sean Matthews

Ian Carmichael's no stranger to ESA contests in Venice, he's already won handfulls.

Jordy Lefevre

Ian tube time…

Kyle Applefield


North Jetty was working too…


Venice Local Jake Harn found plenty of tube time



Photos Courtesy of Brad Yurcus

Michelle Kienlen

Kali Park

1st-Noah Cook - St. Pete, Surf Shack
2nd - Maximus Cook - St. Pete, Surf Shack

1st-Tony Foucher - St. Pete Beach- Surf Shack
2nd- Sterling Foster - Naples- Surf Shack
3rd - Christian Agerskov - St. Pete, Surf Shack
4th - Alex Dorsett - Venice

Jr. Mens
1st- Wyatt Krapf - St. Pete Beach- Suncoast
2nd - Gregory Agerskov, St. Pete- Surf Shack
3rd - David Miller,
4th - Terrance Decker,

1st - Kyle Applefield- Seminole - Shack
2nd - Eric Moore -Sarasota- Surf Shack
3rd - Tucker Norton - Venice- Compound
4th - Kyle Moore - Sarasota - Surf Shack
5th - Andrew Pouring -
6th - Keaton Phillips -

Senior Mens
1st - Greg Agerskov Sr. - St. Pete - Surf Shack
2nd - Jimmy Lopez - Oldsmar- Surf Shack
3rd - Chris Urgo - Sarasota- Surf Shack
4th - Russ Drevitson -St. Pete- Surf Shack
5th - Christian Cook - St. Pete- Surf Shack

1st- Andrew Freedman - St. Pete- Surf Shack

Junior Women
1st - Mila Wyman- Boca Grande
2nd - Aerial Spurgeon - Boca Grande

1st - Michelle Kienlen - Seminole -Nekton
2nd - Kali Park - St. Pete - Nekton
3rd - Carly Cappellenzo - St. Pete Beach

1st - Jake Harn - Venice - Compound
2nd - Ian Carmichael - Treasure Island- Surf Shack
3rd - Kyle Applefield - Seminole- Surf Shack
4th - Eric Moore - Sarasota- Surf Shack
5th - Tucker Norton - Venice- Compound
6th - Andrew Pouring_____________

Menehuene Longboard
1st Sterling Foster- Naples - Surf Shack

Masters Longboard
1st - Chris Urgo - Sarasota - Surf Shack
2nd - Gerry Lacasse, St. Pete - Surf Shack

Legends Longboard
1st -Murph Hoeckel - Boca Grande

Girls Longboard
1st - Samantha Spurgeon - Boca Grande

Body Board
1st - Sterling Foster -Naples, Surf Shack
2nd - Jarett Bottjer -Port Charlotte, Surf Shack
3rd - Julia Foster - Naples, Surf Shack

Stand Up Paddle Board Division
1st - Christian Cook, St. Pete, Surf Shack
2nd - Russ Drevitson, St. Pete, Surf Shack







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