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8/23/08 ESA WFL Surf Contest, Sunset Beach Treasure Island

Alek Parker with the Lopez Family

ESA WFL Contest #2 Results 8/23/08 • Sunset Beach, Treasure Island

1 Carson Rick Bellair Nekton
2 Chance Robinson Cape Coral
3 Goji Watters St Pete Surfshack
4 Noah Cook St. Pete Surfshack
5 Max Cook St. Pete Surfshack

1 John Ackerman IRB Nekton
2 Giorgio Gomez Holmes Bch Westcoast
3 Tony Foucher SPBch Surfshack
4 Wiley Robinson Cape Coral
5 Bo Lamb St Pete Bch Surfshack
6 Alex Chapin Clw
7 Chase Harvey Clw
7 Chase Rick Bellair Nekton
8 Christian Agerskov SP Bch
8 Cameron Rick Bellair Nekton

Jr Men
1 Matty Lopez IRB Nekton
2 Greg Agerskov Jr SP Bch Surfshack
3 Dylan McLain SP Bch Surfshack
4 Mike Williams IRB Nekton
5 Mateo Varvas TIsland
6 John Wallace St Pete
7 Mike Grasso
7 Aaron Able Pasadena
8 Kyle Moore Sarasota Surfshack
8 David Miller Boca Grande

1 Austin Piazza SP Bch Surfshack
2 Wyatt Krapf SP Suncoast
3 Kyle Moore Sarasota Surfshack
4 Sean Mathews Seminol Surfshack
5 Jordy Lefevre Gulfport Surfshack
6 Andrew Pouring LOL Surfshack
7 Douge Wienbaum SP Bch Surfshack
7 David White Seminole

1 Gene Moore St Pete
2 Dustin Flynn St Pete
3 Brian Fischer North Port
4 Franklin Fernadez Port Ritchy

Sr Men
1 Larry Pollin Tampa Surfshack
2 Jamie Lopez Oldsmar Surfshack
3 Greg Agerskov Sr St Pete Bch Surfshack
4 Gerry Lacasse Gulfport Surfshack

1 Pete Lopez Indian Rocks Nekton

1 Eric Watters St Pete Surfshack

Body Board
1 Manuel Lanza
2 Al Rumbos Tampa Surfshack
3 Yamiel M.

Mens Longboard
1 Austin Piazza St Pete Bch Surfshack
2 Doug Neubaum St Pete Bch Surfshack

Womens Longboard
1 Gigi Reiter St Pete Surfshack

Legends Longboard
1 Pete Lopez IRB

Jr Women
1 Mila Wyman Boca Grande Suncoast
2 Carli Quebe Largp

1 Gigi Reiter St Pete Surfshack
2 Michelle Keinlen Seminol Nekton
3 Windy Torsa St Pete Surfshack
4 Kali Park St Pete Nekton

Jr Women

1 Isabella Holmes Beach Westcoast

1 Larry Pollin Tampa Surfshack
2 Dylan McLain SP Bch Shack
3 Sean Mathews Seminole Shack
4 Andrew Pouring LOL Surfshack
5 Greg Agerskov Jr SP Bch Shack
6 Jamie Lopez Oldsmar Shack
7 Jordan LeFevre Gulfport Shack
8 Tony Foucher SP Bch Shack
9 Georgio Gomez Bradenton Westcoast
10 Christian Agerskov SP Bch Shack
11 Brian Fischer North Port
11 Gene Moore SP
11 Kyle Moore Sarasota Shack
11 John Crum P Park
11 Franklin Fernadez Port R







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