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USF National Collegiate Skim Champions

NCSA National Championship 2010 Results. Posted by Carrie Anadiotis on Monday, April 12, 2010 · Leave a Comment 
Team Results for the year: (Includes all points earned for the Southern Shoot-Out, Flatland Fun Fest, and National Championship)

1st: USF- 36.5 points
2nd: Flagler- 16.25 points
3rd: UCF- 15 points
4th: FAU- 12.25 points
5th: UF- 10 points
6th: UM- 9 points
7th: UNF- 5 points
8th: FSU- 4.25 points
9th: FGCU- 3 points

2010 NCSA National Championship Results

Professional Division:
1st: Dave Scott, UNF, 5 points
2nd: Stephen Bradford, USF, 4.25 points
3rd: Zach Hoag, USF, 3.5 points

Competitive Division:
1st: Dave Bracht, Flagler, 10 points
2nd: Wyatt Krapf, UM, 9 points
3rd: Shane Maxemow, USF, 8 points
4th: Kevin Slattery, USF, 7 points
5th: Bobby Sowalsky, UF, 6 points
6th: Will Chan, UCF, 5 points
7th: Alec Kugler, USF, 4 points
8th: Jordan Clark, UCF, 3 points
9th: Kyle Fornier, UCF, 2 points
10th: Jimmy Barrett, Flagler, 1 point

Recreational Division
1st: Nathan Presault, USF, 5 points
2nd: Anthony Avitto, FAU, 4.25 points
3rd: Matt Smith, FSU, 3.5 points
4th: Andrew Glassman, USF, 2.75 points
5th: Mark Vaughn, USF, 2 points
6th: Joe Ries, Flagler, 1.25 points
7th: Shawn McNamara, FSU, 0.75 point

Flatland Fun Fest Results:
Best Trick: Bobby Sowalsky, UF, 5 points
Best Fall: Shane McDade, FAU

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