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Gulf Coasters in Costa Rica July 2014

Words and photos by: Russ-D

We stayed in Jaco, at The Vista Guapa Surf Camp, and were part of the YOLO Experience w/Christian Cook. I was tagging along so I could surf with everyone. There is a picture of a guy on a green SUP going left, that was one of our guides, (Badass) Rolando, ripping on the new YOLO Airs. Those things are sick! Our hosts were Wendy and Alvaro Solano. Alvaro was CR's seven time surfing champ a few years ago. He is very respected around there. His wife is the photographer for the camp, and shoots awesome photos!

(Above) Rolando A.K.A. “Badass”

We took a super sketchy boat trip to a left point break and it was amazing. We were all on SUPs for that wave; don't think I could have shortboarded it, well maybe on a much bigger swell, when it fires. The next day they took us to another secret point break and it was a lot more fun, got to shortboard that one! The big day that Christian is surfing on the green YOLO Air was at Hermosa. That wave had TEETH!!! One of our guys tried to jump over a set wave, after running up the SUP, only to have the wave AX that board in half at the tail just above the fins. We ended up at Jaco after that, for a more fun, non life threatening wave, that beginners could handle (and me LOL). I ended up surfing Hermosa the following day as well, the swell had dropped a whole 2 feet, oh boy. It was still fast and heavy! Then we went to Jaco again as the tide started to mush Hermosa out. I have to say that CR is a great place to go, and staying at the Vista Guapa Camp made everything so easy. Turned the brain off and surfed! Let everyone else do the research and work for us!








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