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5/19/07 Surfrider's Upham Beach Cleanup


A nice breeze and blue skies made for an awesome morning for Suncoast Surfrider's first beach cleanup at Upham beach Saturday. The cleanup started around 8:30am and over 35 people showed to help clean St. Pete Beach.

If you missed this cleanup another is planned for International Surfing Day this summer. You can check back for more details.

If you are interested in helping Surfrider's Newly formed Suncoast Chapter please attend the Next meeting Wednesday 6/6/07 @ 7:00 @ D K Buoy's on north end of Blind Pass Road, St Pete Beach. Food & Beverage available for purchase. Discussion topics to include our chapters primary initiatives. 9555 Blind Pass Road, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 • Phone 727-367-5010

Suncoast Surfrider Foundation Beach Clean-Up!

By Ron Henkel, Volunteer Coordinator, Suncoast Surfrider Chapter


 Well Gulfsters, we have had our first official event! It came in the form of a beach clean up at Upham’s Beach. The morning kind of started out in a weird way. As I woke up and proceeded to do my emails, I managed to find a way to throw my back out!! I could not believe it. I was having trouble just standing up! I could not be hurt this morning. I have got to get out there and work. I thought this was going to be a bad omen at first, but then I just told myself to think positive.

As I arrived to the beach, the weather was most definitely cooperating. It was a comfortable 80 degrees with a fantastic breeze kicking in. It was 8am and a few of my fellow Surfrider members were already at the beach. We proceeded to have some breakfast and form our battle plan. We looked over the renourished beach with a glazed feeling. We started to think; how much trash was really out there? The beach looked clean enough. Would it really be worth the effort?

Finally, everyone started showing up at around 8:30 or so, and we formed up in groups of four. With the efficiency of a gulf war battalion, we scoured the beach for trash (well I didn’t, I had my injury as my excuse), but the rest did! The trash that they came up with was astounding. On a beach that is supposedly clean and a professional crew was to have cleaned it the night before, we found a lot of trash! Over 33 of us contributed to collecting around 100lbs of trash, give or take a pound. Some of the more unique pieces of trash included a straw that had a male genitalia form, a boogie board that was discarded, a chair, cups, and the most found piece of trash, cigarette butts!

Many people contributed their time, including high school volunteers, middle school and elementary aged students, as well as us Gulfsters! Lenny’s Surfshop, Suncoast Surfshop and Surf Shack all contributed on this tremendous day. They either dedicated items for prizes, or their time, or even better both. The Seaside Grill located at Upham’s allowed us to us their dumpster for the disposal of the trash.
Near the end of the clean-up several volunteers conducted a short feeler survey to see how comfortable people were with the “T-Groins” at Upham’s. The results of this initial survey will be shared at the next meeting and possibly on the www.gulfsurfforum.com

At the end of the morning, the event was a success! We are off to a strong start as a chapter, but like I have said before, many hands make light work. It was true in this case as we were able to clean over a half mile of beach in 2 hours! Congrats to everyone and we are certainly looking forward to our next event.

Ron Henkel,

Volunteer Coordinator, Suncoast Surfrider Chapter





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