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'Perfect Chapter' Portugal Tube Riding Invitational
Final Results - Cory Lopez Semi-Finalist

The 7th Annual 'Perfect Chapter' Portugal Tube Riding Invitational - Event Update...


Last year's "Runner-up", perennial Top 10 ranked World Title Contender and legendary barrel charger, Cory Lopez only needed to finish one place higher to walk away with a win this time around. The anticipated swell direction and weather conditions, came together and the event ran on Monday Feb 17th. The 'Perfect Chapter' Tube Riding Invitational features an elite cadre of some of the worlds best tube riders.

Cory Lopez Photo Sequence from 2020 Event

Cory's Official Invitation to this year's event...

Official Event Website:

Official Invitee List

Cory Lopez Insta Profile:

Cory's Previous Event Finish (2018)... Cory Lopez takes 2nd Place

Note: The Invitational Tube Riding Event did not run in 2019 due to unfavorable conditions

Cory Lopez takes 2nd Place Podium Finish at the 2018 Capitulo Perfeito Invitational Tube Riding Specialty Invitational held at Nazaré, Portugal

Feb 24, 2018 -- Nazaré, Portugal Cory Lopez makes a triumphant return to professional competition with a 2nd Place Podium Finish in the Capitulo Perfeito (Perfect Chapter) Tube Riding specialty event (Presented by Reef and G-Shock) at Nazare Portugal. Cory barely missed the win as the ocean shut down in the remaining minutes of the Final, needing only a low scoring 4.65 wave to turn the heat. After an exhausting marathon event with all 5 rounds held in consecutive order, straight through to the Final; Cory beamed, "I gave it all I had". A valiant effort indeed against a stacked field of International Tube riding specialists.

Tube Riding Legend, Cory Lopez Invited for 2nd Consecutive Year to compete in elite Barrel Riding Contest... Capitulo Perfeito Barrel Riding Invitational (Cory placed "runner-up" in 2019)

Nekton Christmas Party 2019

This year's Cory Lopez Nekton Surf Shop Christmas Party was held on Saturday, December 14th, 2019 For this year's party, Cory stayed in Hawaii to surf the Banzai Pipeline while shooting media for his sponsor, O'Neill. However, Cory's absence did not stop the festive crowd from showing their support and having a good time...! Special Thanks and shout out to O'Neill and O'Neill Eyewear (@inspecsusa) along with all the other sponsors that helped make this year's party another success! Meanwhile... Cory Lopez Charging Perfect Pipeline @corylopez: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5_-WnwgoVO/?utm_source

Cory Lopez Scores Runner-up Finish in Red Bull Night Riders Tow-At event...!


O’Neill Strike Mission: Chasing Dorian - Surfline

Cory Lopez & Company chasing Hurricane Dorian [READ MORE]



Today was fun...it’s time for mojito!! 📷 @christianoehmke O'Neill Rockstar Energy Drink
US @lostsurfboards CORKCICLE @onamissionsurf SubSafe


Nekton Christmas Party


Cory Lopez and Florida "Yellow Fish Surf Fever"...


Come Meet Professional Surfer Cory Lopez!!!

Cory Lopez Team O'Neill Poster Signing at US OPEN OF SURFING
August 2nd Huntington Beach CA While in Huntington Beach for the US Open of Surfing,

Cory Lopez Team O'Neill Poster Signing at US OPEN OF SURFING
August 2nd Huntington Beach CA While in Huntington Beach for the US Open of Surfing,

Come meet Pro Surfer Cory Lopez at one of the O'Neill Team Poster Signings on
August 2nd and get a personally autographed poster from Cory...
#O'NeillEyewear Team O’Neill signing date and times below.

Thursday - August 2, 2018: -Jack’s Surf Shop @3pm
-Huntington Beach Surf 'n Sport @4pm

Fun few days right here. Same swell...two very different locations.

📷 @therealtupat & @nicolalugo @oneillusa @rockstarener
gy @lostsurfboards @corkcicle @onamissionsurf @thesubsafe


The third annual Bred to shred presented by @oneillusa will be July 21st at Ponce Inlet. The event is free for all kids. We will have a 12 and under boys division, a 12 and under girls division and a 8 and under push division (you don’t have to be pushed if you don’t want) Age is based off how old you were January 1st. Space will be limited this year. Please make sure to email bredtoshredsurf@gmail.com to guarantee entry. Our goal is to run a one day event. Sunday will be a backup day in case of bad weather. Please follow @bredtoshredsurf for all event updates

Cory & Daughter - O'Neill Eyewear

Big shout out to my beautiful wife. She picked up the camera for her first time to shoot the kids and got one of me. Thanks honey!! @oneillusa @rockstarenergy @corkcicle @lostsurfboards @onamissionsurf Thanks also to @pablojunkerdiaz for showing us this awesome spot. #somuchfun

California Dreaming

Surfline.com 'The Passage' O'Neill's Cory Lopez
& Friends Score Aqua Marine Barrels in the Western Atlantic


The world's best surfers meet at Nazaré. 

Cory Lopez takes 2nd Place Podium Finish at the 2018 Capitulo Perfeito Invitational  Tube Riding Specialty Invitational held at Nazaré, Portugal 

Feb 24, 2018 -- Nazaré, Portugal  Cory Lopez makes a triumphant return to professional competition with a 2nd Place Podium Finish in the Capitulo Perfeito (Perfect Chapter) Tube Riding specialty event (Presented by Reef and G-Shock) at Nazare Portugal. The result comes almost 3 years to the date that a debilitating wipe-out at a heavy Mexican Beachbreak threatened to sideline his career.

Cory Lopez at Mainland Mexico - 2016 TAG Heuer Wipeout Entry

Cory barely missed the win as the ocean shut down in the remaining minutes of the Final, needing only a low scoring 4.65 wave to turn the heat. Still, the elite tube riding icon from Florida placed ahead of recent Nazaré WSL Big Wave Champion Lucas Chianca (Brazil​) and fellow U.S. East Coaster Balaram Stack of New York and marks a triumphant return to the podium for the former Top 10 WSL (ASP) Standout and one time World #3.

After an exhausting marathon event with all 5 rounds held in consecutive order, straight through to the Final; Cory beamed, "I gave it all I had". A valiant effort indeed against a stacked field of International Tube riding specialists.

Cory Lopez proudly represents O'Neill Clothing, Wetsuits and Eyewear, Rockstar Energy Drink, Corkcicle, Lost Surfboards, OAM and Nekton Surf Shop as a Global Brand Ambassador.

Cory Lopez Career Accolades

Capitulo Perfeito ​Official Event Website
https://capituloperfeito.com/william-aliotti-vence-o-capitulo-perfeito-powered-by-reef/ https://capituloperfeito.com/

1- William Aliotti FRA 8.4
2- Cory Lopez USA 7.45
3- Lucas Chianca BRA 3.85
4-Balaram Stack USA 3.7



Cory Lopez takes 2nd Place at the Florida Pro Legends & Icons Event
and then hangs @ January 2018 Surf Expo - Corkcicle Booth with Tampa Bay Bucs 2002 Superbowl
"Wrecking Ball" Warren Sapp... what a week, YEW! @warrensapp
The wrecking ball behind Tampa Bays Super Bowl!! Fire them cannons!! @tbbuccaneers

Cory charging perfect Pipeline, Hawaii!

“The fun part of the day before I broke my eardrum. Thanks for the
Photos @tallteef @oneillusa @rockstarenergy @corkcicle @lostsurfboards… [MORE]

Groms Go Wild at Bred to Shred
Cory Lopez puts on a contest at Ponce Inlet; surf kinda fires, kids are stoked

Cory and the supergrom finalists. Left to right: Rad Regar, (photo bomber Cash Nipper),
Luke Lopez, Cory Lopez, Nathan Glass and Joel Glass Photo: Tupat

Cory Lopez has surfed a lot of competitions in his day. But he says putting on his own event for kids has been the most rewarding. The second annual Bred to Shred, held a couple weekends ago, is a kids-only,
12-and-under surf contest that's all about having a good time.


The Skeleton Key
(06/19) Cory Lopez, Oliver Kurtz and Brett Barley lock into the world's
longest lefthand tube during the swell of the season. READ MORE…


Cory Lopez Panama

Could not have asked for a better crew and swell!! Good times boys!!
Article is live on link below. Photo: @nicolalugo

Brett Barley & Robbie McCormick join Cory Lopez
on a mad dash to Panama: http://lavidalopez.surfline.com


Cory Lopez Gulf

Every once In a while you actually get to fill the surf tank in your home state.
Last weeks run of swell definitely did that for me. Photo: @jj.tondo
@oneillusa @rockstarenergy @onamissionsurf... @lostsurfboards @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @Corkcicle


Cory Lopez Gulf

Cory Lopez surfing back home in the gulf 2/16. Photo by Michael Dolan [READ MORE]



If there was any lingering doubt about Cory's full recovery from that horrific Mexican wipeout nearly two years ago, check out the torque of this "fins free" turn during the recent EC swell... Groms near and far would do well to pay close attention...! Thanks for taking some photos Stacia! @oneill @rockstarenergy @onamissionsurf @lostsurfboards... @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @nektonsurf @Corkcicle




Some strike missions are more challenging than others. My trip last week was a 36 hour round trip. 23 hours
were on the road 6/12 hours were in the water 6 was in a hotel and the remaining 30 minutes was spent getting suited up. When I returned home at 3 AM I was definitely hurting. Mentally physically...i was drained.

So @brettbarley when's the next swell? Cory Lopez - Charging OBX Winter Barrels!  Photo: @graham_hunt 


Winner of Cory's Surfboard Raffle @ Surf Expo (Sponsored by O'Neill Eyewear)...
Dave Dalkiewicz Ocean Atlantic Surf 3404 Coastal Hwy Ocean City, MD

It's always a good day when some fresh @mayhemb3_mattbiolos show up at your door. I also want to say thanks to everyone who supported me during this last year plus that I was injured. It means a lot so thank you.
@oneill @rockstarenergy @onamissionsurf @lostsurfboards... @mayhemb3_mattbiolos
@nektonsurf @corkcicle

Cory Lopez signing autographs at Nekton Surf Shop Christmas Party 12/3/16. READ MORE…

cory lopez

I love my state...but being a surfer who likes to ride the tube it can get pretty frustrating.
Here's to dreams of better days!! @nicolalugo #sunshinestate
@oneill @rockstarenergy @onamissionsurf @lostsurfboards... @mayhemb3_mattbiolos
@nektonsurf @corkcicle

Cory's BAAACK! Florida Dream'n...

cory lopez is back

Not a bad way to start surfing again. First (real) session back and it was a banger.
Thanks for the shot @mattlusk @oneill; @rockstarenergy; @onamissionsurf; @lostsurfboards...; @mayhemb3_mattbiolos; @nektonsurf; @Corkcicle

Cory Lopez on the Banks from Jeffrey O'Neil on Vimeo

Luke Lopez

Surfs up, Luke's got a new board and dad has a ten year old board.
Thanks @mayhemb3_mattbiolos Luke is stoked!! @lostsurfboards

Cory's daughter - Alana Lopez w/ 2016 Hurley Pro Event

Cory's daughter - Alana Lopez w/ 2016 Hurley Pro Event
Winner & fellow O'Neill Team Rider - Jody Smith

Cory w/ daughter Alana - Father-daughter California trip. #lowers -
Sporting Cory's new signature Eyewear from O'Neill and Corkcicle Canteen

Cory Lopez with O'Neill Eyewear Raffle Winner at Surf Expo

Cory Lopez with a "stoked" Rich Koloch; the grand prize raffle winner with a signed surfboard by Cory. 20 other participants were recipients of a pair of Cory's new signature Eyewear "ZEPOL" by O'Neill

Photo Courtesy of Michael Martens Inspecs USA/O'Neill Eyewear

Cory Lopez Mexico Barrel

From Surfline.com Features...    

During a week when it has been announced that Surfing will "officially" be included in the Olympics; during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games; the Gold & Silver ISA/IOC World Surf Games Medal Winner, perennial top 10 World Tour Vet and 3 Times X Games Gold Medalist also makes the Surfline headlines with this Flashback 30 Second Tube Ride from "Somewhere in Mexico"...

Flashback Friday: Cory Lopez' 30-second Tube at Barra, 2006
(08/05) Before Skeleton Bay, Barra offered up some of the longest sand-bottomed barrels ever seen

cory lopez grom surf contest

Fresh off the successful completion of Cory's first ever 12 and under 'Bred to Shred' Grom Event at the world famous, Ponce Inlet, near Daytona Beach, FL (Saturday 7/23); the 2003 US OPEN CHAMPION is now heading west to, well, you guessed it, attend the 2016 Vans US Open of Surfing; to engage with fans while making promotional appearances for sponsors, O'Neill & Rockstar Energy. If you're in Huntington Beach, you can catch Cory and get a signed poster at Jack's and Huntington Surf 'n Sport on Friday July 29th (@ 3 & 4pm PT).

What a day yesterday was!! I put on my first Grom surf contest and it came out awesome. With Over a hundred kids 12 and under... Crazy I wanted to start this event small and we started with a bang. Big thanks to everyone who helped me put this thing together. I could not have done it without you. Also to all the families who came down, thanks for coming out and sharing this awesome day with us. I hope all your kids went home tired and stoked. And a huge thanks to all our sponsors who helped me stoke out all the kids. @oneillusa @sunbum @corkcicle @mauinix @onamissionsurf

Cory Lopez Introduces New "Zepol" Signature Eyewear Line by O'Neill

Pro Surf Hero to Appear at 'On The Beach Sports' 40th Anniversary Celebration, Surfrider Clinic
& New Store Grand Opening South Padre Island Texas; June 18-20, 2016 

Cory (Lopez) with his beautiful wife; Jenn - boating in the Bahamas & sporting his new ZEPOL (polarized) signature eyewear from O'NeillPhoto: Courtesy - Cory Lopez

Iconic Surfing Legend and former elite World Tour Campaigner, Cory Lopez, will be introducing his new 'Zepol' signature eyewear line from O'Neill during a celebrity guest appearance at the 40th Anniversary Celebration (and new store Grand Opening) of 'On The Beach Sports' in South Padre Island Texas; June 18-20, 2016

A leading exponent of aerial surfing and star of the "Lost Generation" series of ground breaking videos, Cory is best known for challenging the boundaries of heavy barrel riding at places like Teahupoo, Tahiti, Hawaii's Banzai Pipeline and other locales around the globe.

Lopez is the only (male) Floridian to seriously challenge for a World Title besides 11X World Champ Kelly Slater and CJ Hobgood; holding the coveted #1 Spot in 2001 for several months after winning his maiden WCT Title at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Cory jockeyed with fellow East Coaster CJ Hobgood for the Title that year, finishing a respectable #3 in the World.

In 2003 Cory won the US Open and placed 2nd behind good friend Andy Irons in Fiji. In 2006 Cory made the Pipe Masters Final; placing 3rd over Rob Machado; following (3X World Champ) Andy Irons and Kelly Slater (in first and second place, respectively).

In between his consistent Top 10 Finishes on the ASP World Championship Tour (WSL) and Surfer Mag Poll (Top 10); Cory managed to best Slater by winning the inaugural Sebastian Inlet Pro in 2005 and helped lead the East Coast to Three (3) consecutive Gold Medals in the ESPN X Games. Along the way, Cory was part of the first expeditionary team that discovered the iconic Skeleton Bay Left Point Break in Africa. Additionally, he helped lead the U.S. Team to a Gold Medal Victory during the ISA (IOC/Olympic Recognized) World Games in Costa Rica (2010) and led the first US delegation to China in 2012, earning a Silver Medal in the inaugural ISA China Games.

Countless Magazine Covers, video parts and event finishes later, Cory Lopez is still charging and is in the prime of his career. No longer chasing world tour points, the father of 3 is however still chasing perfect waves around the Globe as a Global Brand Ambassador for O'Neill (Wetsuits, Clothing & Eyewear), Rockstar Energy Drink, On-a-Mission (OAM), Nekton Surf Shop, Lost Surfboards and Corkcicle.

An avid watersports enthusiast, Cory is always in the sun and wearing the best protective eyewear, while maintaining his personal sense of style is important to him; "Sunglasses are vital to my lifestyle. I spend most my time either at the beach surfing or on my boat fishing. With my new Zepol sunglasses by O'Neill (Eyewear), I wanted them to be really comfortable for long days and have great lenses for seeing the fish. These glasses do exactly that." I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at the beach on Monday June 20th for the Surfrider Foundation Surf Clinic!"; said Cory.

Designed with comfort and performance in mind, Cory’s signature ‘Zepol’ series sunglasses are constructed from a lightweight and durable TR-90 material and are available in four colors. A wrap frame design and rubber temple inserts are used to ensure maximum comfort and grip, and all ‘Zepol’ series sunglasses feature high quality polarized lenses with anti-scratch and mirror coatings.

What: On The Beach Surf Sports (OTB) will be celebrating their 40th Year in business on South Padre Island. Celebrity Pro Surfer & Global Surf Icon, Cory Lopez will be on hand to introduce his new ZEPOL Signature Eyewear line by O'Neill Eyewear. The Iconic Champion Surfer and Tube Riding Legend will participate in the three day celebration with a meet & greet to sign autographs for fans at the Island Style new store Grand Opening on Saturday, June 18th and the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the original store on Sunday, June 19th. To round things up, Cory will also participate in a free Surf Clinic for kids, sponsored by the South Padre Island Surfrider Foundation Chapter on Monday, June 20th.

The event is sponsored by O'Neill Eyewear, On The Beach Sports, Corkcicle and South Padre Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

When: June 18th, 19th & 20th
Where: On The Beach Surf Sports - 2105 Padre Blvd., South Padre Island, TX 78597

Event Schedule
6/18 - Saturday - 11:00 AM New store opening event 410 Padre Blvd, Suite 103, South Padre Island, TX 78597
6/19 - Sunday - 11:00 AM 40th Anniversary celebration at their original store.
6/20 - Monday - Surfrider Surf Clinic early or at 11:00 AM to be there at lunch break for kids.
This event starts at 8:30AM and lasts till 3:00. There will be two session with about 50 to 75 kids in each session.

Cory Lopez Blog: http://www.gulfster.com/corylopez/

Career Highlights: http://www.lopezbrothers.com/cory/cory-lopez-career-highlights/

Cory Lopez leads the way @ Teahupoo, Tahiti Photo Courtesy: Tom Servais

About O'Neill Eyewear: Inspecs USA - Official O'Neill Eyewear Licensee. Inspecs USA is the American sector of British based Inspecs, a design and innovation driven eyewear house. The company was established in 1988 with the mission to produce desirable eyewear with excellent value. Inspecs designs, manufactures and markets a wide spectrum of products to appeal to diverse customer base, from competitively priced and uniquely tailored private label programs to expertly crafted branded collection, such as O’Neill. Inspecs is the exclusive licensee for O’Neill Eyewear worldwide.

About O'Neill International: O'Neill is an American wetsuit, apparel and surf brand started in 1952 in San Francisco, California; based in Santa Cruz since 1959. Founder, Jack O'Neill is credited with inventing the first functional wetsuit for surfing and diving. In 2007, O'Neill Wetsuits Inc. sold the rights to the trademark to Logo International Inc., based in the Netherlands. O'Neill products are distributed internationally by a group of authorized licensed distributors worldwide.

About On The Beach Sports (OTB): OTB is the leading watersports store & surf shop in South Padre Island for the past 40 years...


The OG 5'5" 19"1/4 with the large twin fin set up. I can't wait to get healthy and ride one of these bad boys again. @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @oneillusa @rockstarenergy @corkcicle @onamissionsurf 
@onamissionsurf @nektonsurf @lostsurfboards 

Cory at The Compound in Sarasota

If you live in or around Sarasota Florida come by the @compoundboardshop this Saturday 4/9/16 from 6 to 10
They are having their 13th annual party and charity auction. I just dropped off this @mayhemb3_mattbiolos shaped 5'11'' The board rides really good, in fact it was hard to give up. The framed picture I donated is a @sethstafford photo from Pipeline a few years ago. This photo ran on the cover of Transworld surf.

Cory's Journey to Recovery

Cory Lopez - Recovery Road in Puerto Rico (following surgery/rehab from hellacious Mexican wipeout)*

March 8 at 11:40am ·
Last week in Puerto Rico I paddled out for the first time since my (Post Mexi-Wipeout) surgery in September. I felt ok going about 50% but as I started to feel it out and try a little harder I realized I was definitely not ready to go 100% I am going to shut my self down for at least another 4 to 6 weeks and try again. I write this from the gym where I have spent quite a bit of my time over the last few months (in rehab mode). ‪#‎cantwaittosurfagain‬
@oneill @rockstarenergy @onamissionsurf @lostsurfboards... @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @nektonsurf @corkcicle 

Cory Lopez East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Induction


Cory Lopez makes elite cut as 2016 East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Inductee

Cory Lopez Pioneers the Barrel @ Teahupoo, Tahiti. Photo Courtesy: Tom Servais

Iconic Gulf Coast Shredder and elite WCT Campaigner, Cory Lopez, joins storied surfing legends as a 2016 East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Inductee.

The formal ceremony will take place during the January Surf Expo trade show, January 14-16 in Orlando Florida.

A leading aerial surfing exponent and star of the "Lost Generation" series of ground breaking videos, Cory is best known for challenging the boundaries of heavy barrel riding at Teahupoo, Tahiti and other locales around the globe.

He is also the only (male) Floridian to seriously challenge for a World Title besides 11X World Champ Kelly Slater and CJ Hobgood; holding the #1 Spot in 2001 for several months after winning his maiden WCT Title at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Cory jockeyed with fellow East Coaster CJ Hobgood for the Title that year, finishing a respectable #3 in the World.

In 2003 Cory won the US Open and placed 2nd behind good friend Andy Irons in Fiji. In 2006 Cory made the Pipe Masters Final; placing 3rd over Rob Machado; following (3X World Champ) Andy Irons and Kelly Slater (in first and second place, respectively).

In between his consistent Top 10 Finishes on the ASP World Championship Tour (WSL) and Surfer Mag Poll (Top 10); Cory managed to best Slater by winning the inaugural Sebastian Inlet Pro in 2005 and helped lead the East Coast to Three (3) consecutive Gold Medals in the ESPN X Games. Along the way, Cory was part of the first expeditionary team that discovered the iconic Skeleton Bay Left Point Break in Africa. Additionally, he helped lead the U.S. Team to a Gold Medal Victory during the ISA (IOC/Olympic Recognized) World Games in Costa Rica (2010) and led the first US delegation to China in 2012, earning a Silver Medal in the inaugural ISA China Games.

Countless Magazine Covers, video parts and event finishes later, Cory Lopez is still charging and is in the prime of his career. No longer chasing world tour points, the father of 3 is however still chasing perfect waves around the Globe as a Global Brand Ambassador for O'Neill (Wetsuits, Clothing & Eyewear), Rockstar Energy Drink, On-a-Mission (OAM), Nekton Surf Shop, Lost Surfboards and Corcicle.

What does the man himself think of this prestigious designation? "I'm really honored to be joining the East Coast Hall of Fame. To be recognized amongst my peers as one of the best is pretty cool." -Cory Lopez.

Cory Lopez Blog: http://www.gulfster.com/corylopez/

Career Highlights: http://www.lopezbrothers.com/cory/cory-lopez-career-highlights/

East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame 2016 Inductees: 

Surf Expo: http://www.surfexpo.com/

Nekton Christmas Party 12/19/15 @ Nekton Surf Shop

"A big thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday to our @nektonsurf Christmas party and made this year another success. We had a blast hanging out with everyone and hopefully you scored some free stuff! Also, a big thanks to all of our sponsors as well who provided all the giveaways and raffle items for our toys for tots drive." -Cory Lopez (Nekton Surf Shop Owner) CLICK HERE FOR MORE…


Cory Lopez (Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, USA) drops in on a bomb and drives like a madman through a gaping barrel until it all goes sideways at a Mainland Mexico beach break on May 3, 2015. Video by Damien Robertson.
An entry in the TAG Heuer Wipeout of the Year category of the 2016 WSL Big Wave Awards.
For more information see www.WorldSurfLeague.com/bigwave 


You’ve probably seen footage of goofy-footed Floridian Cory Lopez dropping into and emerging from many raw, furious-looking waves all over the world. But as most chargers know, when you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned. During a recent stint in Mexico, Lopez was annihilated by a closeout section that wrecked the cartilaginous labrum attached to his hip socket. Just eight days after surgery, he sat down with SURFER to talk about the wave, the damage, and the prognosis. READ MORE…

Unfortunately injuries are part of the game.

Photo by @toddglaser from a really fun trip in W.A. with a great crew...


Congrats to the Rightside icons who will be inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame's Class of 2016: Joe McGovern, Phil Roberts, Hunter Joslin, Pam Hill, Sid Abbruzzi, Dick "Rozo" Roseborough, Jason Borte, Cory Lopez, Rich Rudolph,Sandy Ordile, and Duke Kahanamoku (special recognition).


In terms of climate and weather, Western Australia is comparable to Southern California.
Winds howl offshore in the morning and switch onshore in the afternoon. On this day,
Cory Lopez was glad he set an alarm. Photo: Glaser READ MORE…

Mornings in Mexico...

Thanks @nicolalugo for being on it

Cory Lopez on the Wave that helped put Chopes on the WSL (ASP) Map..

"Was hoping to see some of this in this year's Tahiti event. Unfortunately I don't think the ocean is going to give them the opportunity. Nevertheless I'm sure it will be exciting and the boys will be ripping." Photo @tomservaisjr
Cory Lopez on the wave of consequence that helped place Teahupoo firmly on the ASP's Map (now WSL)
and launched the Florida charger's career to new, unprecedented heights.


"Cory Lopez: the first paddle into max size on a crazy, super west swell," said photog Brian Bielmann.
"He didn't make the wave -- or his heat -- and yet no one remembers anything from that contest (the 1999
Gotcha Pro) except this wave." (Check Bielmann's two decades of Teahupoo.) Photo: Brian Bielmann

Original event director Steve Robertson on how the Teahupoo event almost didn't return after its inaugural year ('97) - and why it's so important now (Cory Lopez = Frame 3 of 7).
By Mimi Lamontagne



When Cory Lopez travels to Teahupo'o, the surfing world pays close attention. Over the years he's proved his propensity for catching the best waves of a swell, time and time again. Photo: Tom Servais

“Cory Lopez was the first to paddle into a max-size wave on a crazy, super west swell,’’ legendary photographer Brian Bielmann recently told Surfline. “He didn't make the wave, or his heat, yet no one remembers anything from that contest except that wave." That was back in 1999, when it was called the Gotcha Pro, and the various shots of Cory’s deep-blue behemoth smashed the glass ceiling of what was possible in surfing, as well as becoming bedroom wallpaper for thousands of surfers all around the world. Cory would win the comp two years later, and over the next decade and a half he made a beeline to Chopes every time a red blob showed up on Tahiti’s charts. To no one’s surprise, Cory was one of the standouts in the Code Red swell of 2011, famously surfing a normal board with no straps on one of the biggest waves of the swell.



Had a fun trip to Tahiti a little while back. Follow the link in my insta bio to see the edit
@oneill put together of @eli_olson @colt_ward @russellbierke and myself...

From WSL: Former CT surfer Cory Lopez on the
heavy drop at the Billabong Pro Tahiti...

Break Breakdown: Tackling Tubes at Teahupo'o
by Jon Coen
Local surfer Raimana Van Bastolaer and former CT surfer Cory Lopez
on the heavy drop at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. 

"You don't want too long of a board," said 2001 champ and storied charger Cory Lopez. "The drops are late and the wave has a lot of water moving. You don't want to poke that nose on a longer board. When it's big, I like to ride a 6'8" with a little extra thickness for paddling."

Paddle strength is a huge factor in the lineup at Teahupo'o and plays a big role in successful drops. "To catch a big one you have to turn really early and start paddling as hard as you can," Lopez continued. "You have to put yourself under the lip to have a chance at making the drop. At that point if all goes well, you slide or free-fall straight into the barrel."


Cory Lopez Scores Surfer Mag Spread - Current Issue! On-Newsstands Now!

Thanks @surfer_magazine For running this shot and thanks @toddglaser for swimming at this sketchy spot.
The waves were fun till we realized the real locals were over us surfing their spot.

Cory Lopez & Team O'Neill - 2015 US Open Poster Signing Montage (Surf City, USA)

Had a good time at the U.S. Open with all my friends from team @oneill Hope everyone was stoked with the#oneilleyewear giveaways.


How To Surf Teahupoo With Cory Lopez


Photo Lugo


These new wake boats are pretty out of control. Thanks for the fun @byerly @georgedaniels86 
@oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @onamissionsurf @nektonsurf



Cory Lopez Video Flashback... Count 'em; 4 Airs on one wave...! 



#MXminilife from Meatball on Vimeo.

Remember that crazy-giant XXL swell in Mainland Mexico a few weeks back? Of course you do. Well, the East Coast's gnarliest chargers were on it, too. Most specifically, North Carolina's Brett Barley and Floridians Peter Mendia and Cory Lopez. They were on it early, in fact, ripping the turds out of the meaty walls and push-back sections. They were on it when the waves maxed out, getting cleaned up and closed out and everything in between. And they were on it once it became more manageable, getting more than their share of stand-up tubes. In other words, the East Coasters weren't just on it. They were all over it.

Credits: Meatball

Where is Cory now...?


Cory Lopez & Crew = Bombs Away in Mex... SIX Magazine Features

Direct SIX Mag Feature Links: http://sixmagazine.com/bombs-away

Frame Grab: Cory Lopez getting a huge barrel from last weeks swell down in Mexico.
Footage: @damienphotos808
“Last weeks run of swell (in Mex) is one I won’t soon forget. In fact I’m still feeling this one.” -Cory

Last weeks run of swell was really fun. Head over to sixmagazine.com to check out some of the shots.
Photo @nicolalugo

Word from the boys down in Mex is that the swell is here, “it’s massive, building and peaks tomorrow.” Here are a couple frames, one of Brett Barely and one of Cory Lopez, Nicola Lugo took from the ski this morning. The craziness has only begun.
“After a week of playing around in the smaller stuff, it was nice to wake up to this.” -Cory Lopez

Cory Lopez – Having Fun South of the Border



Killer Shot of Cory Lopez (From Mexico w/ Love)...

Cory - Heavy Mexi Beach Break

Cory Lopez "World Travel Adventures" - Back from OZ & Off to Mex...

It's been a fun start. #mxminilife. Photo @nicolalugo

This Just in... Cory Lopez back from Epic West OZ Surf Adventure with Team O'Neill
@ O'Neill's 'Camp Marmaduke'...

All good things come to a end and this epic team @oneill trip is officially over. Thanks for all thegood times boys, and thankful that we are all going home with all our limbs. The boss of the ocean made sure to keep us in check on more than one occasion. @RealCoryLopez ‪#‎CampMarmaduke‬

Cory Lopez

Good surf and good crews make for epic surf trips. This trip was definitely a fun one. Photo:… https://instagram.com/p/1MHDu_wzJW/

Fun day at the beach with a epic crew!! @timmyreyes @toddglaser @ian_crane #campmarmaduke @oneill

Good surf and good crews make for epic surf trips. This trip was definitely a fun one.
Photo: @bastienbonnarme @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch... @onamissionsurf
@nektonsurf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos SEE MORE…

@rockstarenergy • Mar 23 @RealCoryLopez eyeing down the prize at the end of the tunnel. #surfing

Cory Lopez - Exclusive Behind the Scenes Story
of the day he scored the Surfer's Journal Cover Shot...

You can't win them all and on this day the ocean won.

The waves were about as good as you can get at a spot that almost never breaks. @alekparker and I were the only guys out. We had traded waves for about a hour when this extra thick one came in that I thought looked like a good idea. The drop was really late so I was just focused on that, once I made the drop I knew I was deep. I did a massive pump, but realized right away that there was no chance of making the wave. I tr...ied to time my jump as late as I could in hopes of slipping out the back. But it did not work and I got sucked over and instantly slammed my head into the reef. The blow was hard, dizzying and especially confusing by the fact that a peace of coral had gone straight into my ear and punctured my ear drum. Alec assisted me in getting to the beach since I could not see straight.

The worst part about the whole thing was not the pain of the wipeout or the pain from the infection in my head that had me feeling like a zombie for six weeks. The worst thing of all, the thing that still hurts to this day, is the fact that I had to go in and leave perfect waves behind.

Cory Scored the following Surfer's Journal Cover during the same swell and session at this rare Caribe Secret Spot. The Post wipe-out picture is below from the last wave that cut short this amazing session...

Cory Lopez Scores Cover of The Surfer's Journal
Surfing Rare Caribbean Secret Spot...

Surfer's Journal Cover Below: Cory on earlier wave, prior to post wipe-out pic (above photo)

Cory got barreled out of his brains surfing this secret spot that lit-up during a Hurricane Swell just a few short years ago. He busted his eardrum on the last wave of this session, but scored a bunch of memorable "solo" barrels in the process!

Cory Lopez gets "mega shacked" South of the Border;
puts on "Tube Riding Clinic"... Killer POV GO PRO footage...

 Cory Lopez spends 4 days South of the Border, getting barreled and putting it on rail. 
Michael Mortimer behind the Lens.

Teahupoo rarely comes to Florida, but @corylopez knows exactly where to go to get shacked senseless when a giant North Atlantic storm takes over the whole ocean. This was yesterday (2/12), with more to come. Check the site for the full #swellstory later today. (Also, stay tuned for #dispatchcaribbean — we sent a few pros down to the Caribbean along with Surfline photo editor @billywatts to take advantage of the swell and we’ll be doing daily updates over the weekend.) Photo: Mark Hill Surfline  #North Atlantic Blows Florida Surfers V-Day Kiss!

Congrats! Cory Lopez Voted into Official Roster for Invitation ONLY Portugal Tube Riding Contest!
Thanks for everyone's Support!!! Go Cory!!!

Cory Lopez Please vote http://capituloperfeito.com/your-selection/?lang=en
Surfline ‏@surfline 10h10 hours ago
Portugal's #PerfectChapter contest gets the green light to run Friday. Read more HEREpic.twitter.com/mgKNrszoWr

9:13 PM - 18 Feb 2015 · Details 
The 4th annual Allianz Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong, the original one-day Portuguese event that requires perfect surfing conditions, will be held this Friday (February 20th) at Carcavelos Beach, featuring world-class tube riders.

Forecast calls for good-to-epic conditions at the iconic beach break, setting the ideal scenario to hold a barrel-oriented competition such as Allianz Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong. This is a special event meant to take place under the best surfing conditions the Portuguese coast has to offer, gathering surfers from different countries and generations who will battle themselves for the 7500€ 1st place check.

The 13 final contenders (plus 3 wildcards) have been chosen by the fans through free web-based polling and are being scored solely upon their barrel riding skills once the competition starts. 

"The sunshine state was showing off a little bit yesterday."

Photo @nicolalugo @oneill @rockstarenergy... @freestyle_watch @onamissionsurf
@nektonsurf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos

This Just In… Cory Busts Lose w/ Team O’Neill Wake Team…

O'NeillVerified account ‏@teamoneill

We had @RealCoryLopez come out and ride behind Scott Byerly boat with the
#oneill wake team. #wake #WakeSurfing

After high speed trolling for wahoo all morning with no luck we switched gear to land this nice little triple header. We then ended the day with some bottom fishing which turned out to be the best call.
@johnstonjewelers @alo1790

Cory Lopez & Team O'Neill Take Pipeline & the North Shore (Winter 2014-15)*

(01/21) Cory Lopez & The O'Neill team shows how they spent their six weeks on the North Shore.





Ok, so I'm trying to do this tube riding contest in Portugal (Perfect Chapter) The problem is I need to be voted in. That's where I need your help. If you feel like I'm worthy of the spot, please follow the link on my profile page and help vote me in. Thanks!!! Photo @nicolalugo


Cory Lopez Please vote http://capituloperfeito.com/your-selection/?lang=en

Florida [ler mais]

(Note: Please pay Close attention to follow the visual prompts as the entry website is in Portuguese)*

Diamonds in the Rough - Cory @ Pipe (Winter 2014-15)

If you like standing in barrels, you have something in common with @realcorylopez. Pic: Isaac Zoller pic.twitter.com/cwetGBGtS1

It's not always perfect. This day was far from it. Sometimes you just have to paddle out hope you find one. #diamondsintherough Photo: @the_check_republic @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch...
@onamissionsurf @nektonsurf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos

O'Neill Eyewear Surf Expo Cory Lopez Board Raffle (CORY SIGNS BOARD...
for Stoked Winner of his surfboard raffle at the O'Neill Eyewear Surf Expo Booth)

Raffle Winner's Name: Andres Delgado
Photos: Courtesy of O'Neill Eyewear

Air Lopez

"Air Lopez" - Cory Boosting Big in small Hawaiian Juice...! Hawaiian sandbar fun! Photo @nicktereen
@oneill; @rockstarenergy; @freestyle_watch; @onamissionsurf; @nektonsurf; @mayhem; 
@lostsurfboards; @inspecsusa

Nekton 2014 Annual Christmas Party Pics -
ALL Proceeds for the Surfrider Suncoast Chapter.


Holiday Facebook Promo 'GRAND PRIZE WINNER' Announcement; Congrats to Aaron Stasiak!!! 25 days, 7 chances to win, and many lucky winners along the way have led to this moment. The lucky recipient will recieve $1,000 worth of some of the best products from my signature gear lines; O’Neill sunnies, O’Neill boardies, 2 Freestyle watches, 2 Nekton T-shirts, and a YEAR’s supply of ROCKSTAR ENERGY Drinks.

Great way to end the year and kick off the new one! Special Thanks to all my participating sponsors; O'Neill, Nekton Surf Shop, Rockstar Energy Drink US, Freestyle U.S.A., ON A MISSION

Cory Lopez Facebook Holiday Sweepstakes  - Presented by O'Neill Eyewear

In celebration of good times, "Hollow Waves" and good cheer; O'Neill Eyewear is pleased to announce the Official Cory Lopez Holiday Facebook Sweepstakes Promo!!!

For the next 25 days (starting on Monday November 24th) Cory's fans will have 7 chances to win Cory's favorite gear and swag from, O'Neill (Clothing & Eyewear), Rockstar Energy Drink, Freestyle USA (Shark Watches), On-a-Mission (OAM) and Nekton Surf Shop...

To enter and your chance to win awesome gear, from these great brands; click the following e-Banner (above) to Link to  Cory's Facebook Entry Page.
Click 'Like' and follow the instructions to enter the promotion...


Nekton Christmas Party!
• Cory Lopez poster signing
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Bring 1 unwrapped toy get 5 raffle tickets
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(727) 593-8292

Cory - Backhand Snap Sequence in Costa


SIX Magazine presents DREAM WORLD (Pt. 2) CORY & SHEA LOPEZ

SIX Magazine presents DREAM WORLD (Pt. 2) CORY & SHEA LOPEZ from Dylan Palmer on Vimeo.

Cory Lopez in Mecca II
Fans of Freestyle Ambassador Cory Lopez are really going to enjoy his latest video section in recently released Mecca II. Kick back and enjoy some vintage Cory Lopez wave shredding shot from Southern California, Costa Rica and even as far north as British Columbia. As usual, Cory's surfing is fast, unpredictable and a blast to watch. Makes you want to go surf! Press Play. http://www.freestyleusa.com/blog/#sthash.wmsavg6J.dpuf

MECCA II now on iTunes--LINK https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/mec... Here's Cory shredding to the band No Knife, in the latest film by Bryan Johnson and Riley Mundia. Cory's part was filmed in So Cal, Costa Rica, and British Columbia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe0Scf_02os


Cory Lopez GoPro Pipeline Video Link.

Click image for video link

The @gopro North Shore takeover is in full effect. Thanks @kamaleialexander for lending me your camera for a few waves, and @anthony_walsh_ for the edit


Also don't forget to follow the link in my bio on Instagram or go to my athlete page on Facebook, and enter to win all kinds of cool stuff from my sponsors. Grand prize winner will be announced on the 19th! See More

I don't miss competing often... But, when I do, it's usually because pipe is good. This was a hail mary with 20 seconds to go needing a score. Unfortunately this wave got the better of me and I was out the event. Good luck to all the boys in this year's Pipe Masters. #bringontheshow photo - @brianbielmann - @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @nektonsurf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos

Mexico and Costa Rica Barrels


Cory Lopez in the Bahamas - Surfing Mag Feature



Cory Lopez, Brett Barley, and Torrey Meister hunting hurricanes on the East Coast.

Cory Lopez GoPro "Tunnel Vision" - Deep Mexican Barrel 

I think the day I stop wanting to get barreled will most likely be my last.
@oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @onamissionsurf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @nektonsurf

Watch Cory Lopez in the Fourth Day of Fall taking place in Mexico and Costa Rica.
Reminiscent of his old video parts from Lost Surfboards.

Cory Lopez boosting & getting pitted in Costa Rica...
showing why he is still the King of "New School"!

Cristobal in Jacksonville - Cory Lopez & Peter Mendia - Six Magazine
click the link and check this new edit I did with some sick footage captured by our boy Meatball !!

Cory Lopez New Social Media - Instagram/Facebook Posts
Post Surf Expo Wake/Surf Expressions Session w/ Malibu Boats...

Had a blast wake surfing this week with @briankgrubb and @chadsharpe behind there shiny new @malibuboats. It's kinda crazy what these wake boats are doing these days with their waves. Good times, thanks boys!

New Cory Lopez O'Neill Eyewear Ad - Surfer Mag

@oneill Eyewear is out. Follow the link in my bio or head over to Oneillclothing.com to check them out. http://www.oneillclothing.com/shop/mens-accessories/sunglasses/?limit=all

From Surfing Magazine - 
Monday Photos: The Best Of Corey Wilson

Cory Lopez backdoors a cathedral. All Photos: Corey Wilson

The Box is one of Corey Wilson’s favorite places to shoot. By the looks of this photo,
we’d guess that it’s one of Cory Lopez’s favorite places to surf too.

Cory Lopez Scores Cover of The Surfer's Journal
Surfing Rare Caribbean Secret Spot...

Cory Lopez Scores Cover of The Surfer's Journal (Current Edition) Surfing "Dream Barrels" at Rare Caribbean Secret Spot...

Cory got barreled out of his brains surfing this secret spot that lit-up during a Hurricane Swell just a few short years ago. He busted his eardrum on the last wave of this session, but scored a bunch of memorable "solo" barrels in the process!

Also - Stay on the look-out for an upcoming Surfer's Journal Flashpoint Feature that tells the Story of how Cory helped change the Surfing World (showing what was possible) by charging "another" barreling reef pass in the middle of the South Pacific.


After fulfilling sponsor obligations for O'Neill in the North East, Cory will head to SoCal this coming week for more media obligations at the annual Southern California summer circus; commonly known as the Vans US Open of Surfing.

Cory Lopez in Mexico - Six Magazine http://sixmagazine.com/handful-mexico

Torrey Meister | Chapter 4 | Gooseberry Road Trip from O'Neill on Vimeo.

Cory Lopez - Team O'Neill Rockstar Energy Gooseberry Road Trip to the Pacific N. West 

There will be people who will watch this video and become enraged that their NorCal spot has been videoed for the whole Internet to see. Thankfully, there are like four of those people, so you’re not likely to run into them. You’re also not likely to luck into this much quality surf on a run up into the icy fringes of the north. But still, the West Coast = whole lot more than Southern California. Torrey Meister, Timmy Reyes, Cory Lopez, and Brett Barley can tell you that.

Great video just released of The Lopez brothers & company down
in the Caribbean featuring some drone footage. Video by Eric Geiselman

Cory Lopez Mexico 2014

Cory Lopez Mexico 2014 | Six Magazine WATCH THE VIDEO

May Days | Salt Creek | Freestyle Watches

May Days | Salt Creek | Freestyle Watches. SEE MORE…

Serendipity from Christian Oehmke on Vimeo.

Lopez Brothers, Peter Mendia, Jesse Heilman, Hopper, and Rick tearing apart this desolate reef.

Team O'Neill Trip - Somewhere North of the US/Canada Border

One of the best things about being a surfer is the adventures you get to go on in search of waves. First time surfing this spot maybe last time, you never know what the future brings. Photo @nicktereen @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf @inspecsusa @nektonsurf

Cory Lopez "Found Footage" Edit from StubTown Media on Vimeo

Cory finds some "shade time" during a recent trip to a secret reef pass at an outer Caribe Archipelago... Where's Cory now...? Good guess has him somewhere south of the 39th Parallel. Maybe somewhere way south, like "Costa Rica"...??

No place I'd rather be. Photo @nellysmagicmoments @oneill @freestyle_watch
@rockstarenergy @onamissionsurf @wavejet @nektonsurf @inspecsusa

Another, shall we say "Higher" perspective of that same "Reef Pass"...
Stay tuned - more to come soon (including "Bird's Eye" Go Pro Video Footage!"

Fun waves and good friends = good times. Thanks Captain @eric_geiselman for the #drone shot. @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf @nektonsurf @inspecsusa



As a kid growing up my favorite surfer was and still is Occy, the guy is a legend. I remember watching the old surf movies and he would always do the sickest layback snaps. My dad use to take me to Sebastian inlet all the time. My plan was almost always to sit on second or third peak and look for lefts into the wedge to practice my Occy layback snap. Not much has changed @markocchilupo is still my favorite surfer and his layback snap is still my favorite move. Thanks Occy for all the inspiration over the years. @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @wavejet @nektonsurf @onamissionsurf


Had a great time yesterday filming with Bert from The Travel Channel. Weather was kinda nasty but somehow cleared just in time to film the show. @therealtupat and I got to take a family surfing on WaveJets for the first time while on their Florida vacation. The kids did great while mom & dad held there own. @wavejet @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @onamissionsurf @inspecsusa @nektonsurf





March 2014 -- Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA
Inspecs USA, the International license holder for O'Neill Eyewear is delighted to announce the signing of former top 10 ASP WCT ranked Surfer and long-standing O'Neill sponsored Athlete, American professional surfer Cory Lopez, as the new Global Brand Ambassador for O'Neill Eyewear. This new role extends Cory’s global affiliation with the brand from wetsuits and clothing, to now include eyewear.

Lopez expressed enthusiasm with this latest venture stating, "As a long time O'Neill team rider I was really stoked when I heard O'Neill was launching a sunglass line with Inspecs USA. I knew right away that I wanted to be part of it. Now that I am, all I am thinking about is working with them to make the sickest pair of sunglasses on the market and you better believe we are going to use the best lenses you can find because I don't just look at waves all the time. I'm also an avid fisherman and Captain who needs a glass that will help me see the fish when I'm out on the water".  
Inspecs USA shares this sentiment, “We are incredibly excited to work with Cory. We have faith he will be a phenomenal brand ambassador and look forward to a great long-term relationship with Cory and O’Neill,” added Vance Wright, Inspecs USA President.

Keep an eye out for Cory's new signature O'Neill eyewear line wherever you can find O'Neill wetsuits and clothing and at finer eyewear/optical stores nationwide in 2014.
For consumers and fans of the brand alike, the new line will be an excellent addition to the O’Neill family. As Vance explains, "The new O'Neill/Cory Lopez signature models will not hold back on functionality or style. They will showcase as the best looking frames, with the latest lens technology, solid protection - and all while staying at an affordable price point.”

O’Neill was founded on a passion for surfing and Cory's passion for riding waves is exemplified by his numerous professional accolades and a resume to back it up!

A one-time # 1 ranked surfer on the elite ASP WCT (World Championship Tour) 'Leader Board'; recipient of three consecutive X Games Gold Medals; one ISA Gold and two ISA Silvers, U.S. Open of Surfing Champion, Pipeline Masters finalist, two-time Surfer Mag ‘Guts for Glory’ winner, Billabong Pro Tahiti Champion, Surfer Mag Tube of the Year winner, and top 3 final season contender for the ASP World Title (to name a few).
Hailing from Florida’s Gulf Coast, Cory, along with "big brother" Shea (Lopez), 11X World Champ Kelly Slater, and the Hobgood Brothers, helped put Florida on the world surfing map. His daring exploits at places like Teahupoo Tahiti opened the door for competitive big wave tube riding in waves of consequence. In like manner, Cory is credited with helping to lead the aerial surfing charge and is still considered to be a leader and innovator of "above the wave" aerial maneuvers.

Look for an upcoming Flashpoint Feature on Cory in 'The Surfer's Journal' and a 'Surfer Mag' story on his recent "Deep Strike Mission" to Mexico!

Cory's sponsorship portfolio includes:
O'Neill Wetsuits, Clothing & Eyewear, Rockstar Energy Drink, Freestyle USA, WaveJet Propuslion, Mayhem Surfboards (Lost/Placebo), On-A-Mission, and Nekton Surf Shop.
Surfline Video Feature by O'Neill - Cory chases a swell, surfing up the California Coastline to the frigid waters of Santa Cruz, home of O'Neill Wetsuits.
Cory Lopez, O'Neill X Games ESPN "Legendary Video"
Cory Lopez World Travel Blog: http://www.gulfster.com/corylopez/
Cory Lopez Official Fan Site: http://www.lopezbrothers.com/
O’Neill Team Profile: http://www.oneill.com/#/men/americacanada/teamriders/g.global_team%7Ccory_lopez/

About O'Neill (Santa Cruz CA & Netherlands)
A global innovator, Jack O'Neill invented the first neoprene wetsuit in 1952 to surf the cold waters off Santa Cruz California. O'Neill has been recognized as the #1 wetsuit brand in the world ever since. Now a global leader in wetsuits, apparel, accessories and eyewear, the brand (O'Neill International) now based in The Netherlands continues to lead in innovation. www.o’neill.com

About Inspecs USA (Bath, UK & Clearwater, Florida)
Inspecs USA is the American sector of British based Inspecs, a design and innovation-driven eyewear company. The company was established in 1988 with the mission to produce desirable eyewear with excellent value. Inspecs designs, manufactures, and markets a wide spectrum of products to appeal to a diverse customer base, from competitively priced and uniquely tailored private label programs to expertly crafted branded collections. www.inspecsusa.com
For more information on O'Neill Eyewear:
Contact Inspecs USA Marketing Manager, Mirela Parrinello: mirela@inspecsusa.com
Like Us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/InspecsUSA
Surfers Village: http://www.surfersvillage.com/content/cory-lopez-inks-multi-year-deal-inspecs-usa

Classic "Post Card" Drop on a magic West Peak Bomb at Pipeline...

Riding waves is fun. Thanks for posting this one @jmack808 @oneill @rockstarenergy @wavejet @freestyle_watch @onamissionsurf @nektonsurf @inspecsusa

Waves were fun yesterday. Hope all you FL folk got some. Photo by @therealtupat @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf Did @shealopez get the barrel of the day?

Wonder what Cory Lopez has been up to lately?
Watch Cory Chase a Swell up the California Coast to the frigid waters of Santa Cruz.

Look for an upcoming Wave Jet Promo Video Featuring Cory and crew surfing and fishing a secret reef pass “somewhere” in the Caribbean. Catch a sneak peak here.

Scroll below for a preview of this and more; including Cory’s ‘Deep Strike’ Mission to Mainland Mex for an upcoming Surfer Magazine story and his upcoming ‘Flash Point’ Feature in The Surfer’s Journal. Learn about how Cory changed the world of ‘Pro Surfing’ by riding “one” solitary wave at a South Pacific Reef Pass (Surfer Magazine’s “Wave of the Century”).

…also stay tuned for the announcement of Cory’s new sunglass sponsor. We trust it will be a “familiar” name and probably not who you’re thinking.

Scroll Below for ALL this and more…

Watch Cory Lopez chase one California swell from Orange County to the cold waters of Santa Cruz. 

Caribbean Fun
Watch Cory Chase a Swell up the California Coast to the frigid waters of Santa Cruz.

Thanks @wavejet and @sunsailuk for the awesome setup. Video courtesy of @therealtupat

Cory & crew motoring out – Island Bound for WaveJet Photo/Video Shoot

@shealopez and @nicolalugo have been on fire. Good times with the @wavejet team. @petemendia @jvosurfs @kelly_wavejet_girl @sunsailukCory’s Crew Caribe Wave Jet Expedition Crew; recent East Coast Hall of Fame Inductee (Big Brother) Shea Lopez and w/the days catch! Photo: Cory Lopez

Trip out was about as nice as you can ask for in February. Got a late start that put us in to harbor an hour after dark, which is not ideal in unfamiliar waters. All in all the trip has started epic with a few waves and a few nice fish on the first day. @wavejet @sunsailuk #sunsail #wavejet

Click here for Facebook Video 'Sneak-Peak'...
"WaveJet Warriors in the Caribbean"

Look for an upcoming Surfer Mag Story featuring Cory at this "Secret Mexican Beach Break"...
Cory Lopez Surfer Mag - Deep Mex Strike "Bird's Eye Facebook Preview" by Lugo... 

Look for an upcoming Surfers Journal 'Flash Point' feature that tells the story of how Cory Lopez
forever changed the surfing world by riding this wave...

Island "Hopping" w/ Cory Lopez by Chris Wilson


Cory Lopez @rockstarenergy representing on the #gulfcoast

Where's Cory...? Mr. Lopez has been on a "secret mission"
deep in the jungles of Mexico. Stay tuned for more info...!

Cory Lopez O'Neill Blog Profile Interview Q&A

ONEILL: How has growing up where you did shape you as a surfer?

CORY: Growing up on the gulf with no waves made me really appreciate good waves and surfing. It’s probably why to this day when the waves are good ill surf all day till I’m absolutely beat.

Tell us about your hometown.

I grew up in Florida in the small town of Indian Rocks Beach. It was a great place to grow up, it just has very few days of surf a year.

Who are your big influences?

My Dad he is the coolest. As far as surfing goes it has always been Occy.

Is style important to you?

What improvements have you made in your surfing?
I’m always working on all aspects of my surfing.

Where was the last place you traveled to?
Santa Cruz

Tell us about it.
The swell was absolutely tiny in the bay and we had to shoot a ad for wetsuits. Basically we had to drive our ass off up and down the coast to find waves. We ended up finding fun waves and got some decent shoots too. I always have a good time in Santa Cruz.

How important is it to you to maintain that balance between the pure fun of surfing and the competition side?
Its tough, both can be fun but nothing beats a epic day of surfing with your friends. Except maybe wining teahupoo or the U.S. open. Hard to say, ill never forget my first time surfing Donkey bay with no one out or Mundaka in 96 with only eight guys out and as good as i have ever seen it.

Is there going to come a point in your career when you’re going to have to sacrifice fun for professional obligations?
That happened a long time ago, but i could never complain about this job, it’s the greatest job in the world.

What do you want out of life?
To be happy, watch my kids grow and hopefully surf my entire life.

Sketchy sunset fun north of Santa Cruz. @eric_geiselman knows why.
Photo @831prefontaine @oneill @rockstarenergy @wavejet @freestyle_watch @onamissionsurf

Cory - Hawaii Pipe Shots 2013 - Evening Sesh & Pipe Sunset in Paradise


Cory Lopez Surfer Mag Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Cory Lopez, Nicaragua. Photo: Ellis #Surfer #SurferPhotos @realcorylopez @grantellis1 pic.twitter.com/l70aPGiauE | https://twitter.com/SURFER_Magazine

O'Neill Close Encounters - Morocco Flash Back

O'Neill Close Encounters - Morocco Flash Back
#tbt O'Neill Close Encounter good times with many good people. Photo @bastienbonnarme @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf

October was a good month, this was Halloween

Photo by @gnargasm

Cory Lopez stoked after surfing in the 2013 O'Neill CWC
Expression Session, Santa Cruz, CA - Nov 7th

Cory w/ Gene Simmons (KISS); AKA 'Dustin Howard'
- pre- Halloween Shenanigans @ the Beach

This is about to happen, @dustinhoward is going down today. #battleofthebrands #jaxpier @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf

Team Lopez @ The Beach

The man the legend, style master @petelopez51 was showing me and @mattylopez how it's done today. @rockstarenergy @teamoneill @freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf #beenwavesfordays

Brooke Thabit - WaveJetting with Cory Lopez

The Brooke Thabit Story...
Brooke Thabit, charged with energy, life and intelligence developed a love for the ocean, diving and, in particular, surfing. On Labor Day 2012, Brooke was hanging out with some friends on a dock just kidding around. Being an avid water-person, she launched a dive into the water. What she didn't realize is that the turbid water was only knee deep. Brooke struck bottom, fractured her neck and immediately suffered paralysis. She underwent emergency surgery and has been progressing slowly with limited restoration of sensation and movement in her lower extremities since then.... Learn more of her journey... 

"Brook Thabit is a amazing girl who I was honored to be able to share a few waves with on a WaveJet surfboard. This was her first time back in the water since her accident so we were all a little nervous, how it was going to go. It went really well and we both had a blast. There were some close calls but we somehow managed not to have any wipe outs. It was a great day!" -Cory Lopez
Log-on to Brooke's website for her complete story and to see how you can support Brooke on her road to recovery...  http://www.brookethabit.com/
Photos by: Christian Oehmke 

Freestyle USA - HOURS Issue #2 Featuring Cory Lopez

Cory Lopez shares Surf Lagoon's portable Infinity wave pool
Surf Lagoons wave pool: "Head over to Surfline and check out the Infinity
Wave I got to surf in the Munich Airport. Thing was really
fun; http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/surf-lagoons-wave-pool_101320/

Cory Lopez - Night time Typhoon Lagoon - Aerial Speed Blur... 

Photo: Corey Wilson/Surfing Magazine  

Cory Lopez takes the scenic route; Flying 'Tail High' in Costa Rica! Full Rotation to Landing. Rockstar Energy Poster from Transworld Surf (Final Collector's Edition 1999-2013)* On Newsstands NOW (Sept 2013)!

Cory Lopez, with his O'Neill Psycho1 combo wetsuit; Full Rotation & sighting his Landing!
Discover its features and all the other O'Neill wetsuits for winter 2013/2014 on http://bit.ly/1eYSr6B

Tube Time with Cory Lopez


Keep your eyes peeled for this 15-second spot featuring Freestyle Ambassador and all around legend of waterman Cory Lopez to be running during the 2013 Hurley Pro. We recently got to spend some quality time with Cory at his home in Florida, look for a new web feature called HOURS coming to a device near you. Until then, enjoy Cory's new Freestyle Commercial.

Cory Lopez - 'Shredding' Typhoon Lagoon - Disney World; "Night time Warm-up" Sesh!
Had a fun little surf with the boys at Typhoon Lagoon the other day. 
Cory Lopez: "Head over to @surfingmagazine website to check it out. #stormtroopers @teamoneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf @dylangraves @evangeiselman @kellyslater @tommybooboo1 @cjhobgood"

Storm Troopers - Episode II - The Chlorine Menace from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo.

New Cory Lopez 'Anarchy' Poster - Surfing 'The Box' in West Oz

For those attending Surf Expo - we have a Cory Lopez 'Double Header' for you...! Come to the Anarchy Eyewear Booth at 2:00 pm on Saturday Sept. 7th to have Cory sign his new "killer" Anarchy poster. You won't want to miss this one - it's a classic Lopez "Wall Hanger". Then follow Cory over to the new consumer side of the Show @ 3:30 pm for yet another Poster Signing with WaveJet at 'The Boardroom'. Come score some cool posters and other stuff and show your support for one of the best surfers to ever come out of the 'Sunshine State'...!!!  


The Winners of Cory's Signature Sweepstakes WILL BE Announced soon! STAY TUNED! 

WIN Cory Lopez signature gear from Rockstar, Anarchy, O'Neill, WaveJet, Freestyle, OAM, and OrigAudio! Enter on Cory's Facebook page here http://statictab.com/ycipatc or click here http://bit.ly/rocklopez

Surfing Exhibition @ Munich International Airport Stationary Wave Pool

Had a blast surfing this thing last week. Local boys were ripping! We gave them our best. next year it's on! @noahbeschen @kalanirobb @shanebeschen  @rockstarenergy @teamoneill @wavejet @onamissionsurf @freestyle_watch

What's New for Cory...? Following the U.S. Open and a quick stop-over at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Park City, Utah to do some flat water demos with WaveJet; Cory flew to Munich Germany to participate in a surfing comp at the Munich International Airport.... in Germany...?! Heard that one right...!

Following Rob Machado's appearance in May, Cory accepted an invitation to participate in a promotional surfing exhibition at the "landlocked" 2013 European Championships in Stationary Wave Riding. He joined fellow American surfers, Kalani Robb, Shane Beschen (and Shane's son Noah) at the Munich Airport for the 3rd annual exhibition/comp, held on August 10th & 11th, 2013. They surfed a few rounds of comp style heats in the Infinity Wave Carve Machine; a revolutionary stationary wave presented by Surf Lagoon, Inc. Munich is also home to the famed Eisbach River Wave (Inland Europe's most sought after naturally occurring 'stationary wave'). 

Well, it's not Teahupoo, but this stationary wave technology (unlike the "similar" Flow Rider') allows a rider to use a real surfboard (with fins & rails). Word has it that for next year's comp, the wave will be 'scaled-up' to produce a barrel for riders to show off their "tube riding" skills. Look for Cory to find a barrel, even in landlocked Germany...!


Cory Lopez - Two page spread & interview at Skeleton Bay, Africa (“The 100 Greatest Waves Ever Ridden”) in the August 2013 issue of SURFER Magazine. Many surf fans will know Cory Lopez for his pioneering efforts riding (previously thought) "un-makeable" barrels at Tahiti's infamous Teahupoo. However in the August 2013 edition of Surfer Magazine (The BIG Issue), Cory is heralded for another tube riding first; the Discovery of the "mile long" left at Skeleton Bay, West Africa during the Google Earth Discovery Contest 2008/09. In addition to Cory's two previous Surfer Mag 'Guts for Glory' Awards, for his tube riding exploits at Teahupoo ('99 & '03); he won Surfer's Tube of the Year Award in 2009 for his first ride ever on this wave, logging a record of nearly one minute of tube time.


Cory Lopez - Post US Open Quiver by Mayhem "Ready to go get Barreled"!

U.S. open was the same as it ever was, crazy,crowded and fun. Now it's time to find a storm and go get
barreled. Quiver is looking good. Thanks @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @teamoneill @rockstarenergy
@freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf @anarchyeywear

WaveJet Demo Day - Outdoor Retailer, Utah

Getting ready for a @wavejet demo day. #Utah #pineviewreservoir #outdoorretailer #wavejet

Cory Lopez heads West for the 2013 US OPEN OF SURFING;
Announces new Summer Sweepstakes Contest on Facebook...

Final Results - Men:
1st -Cory Lopez (USA) - 16.60 pts.
2nd -Taj Burrow (Aus) - 15.17 pts.
3rd - Andy Irons (Haw) - 10.94 pts.
4th - Bobby Martinez (USA) - 7.83 pts.

On 10 Year Anniversary of his Maiden Win, Cory Lopez heads West to Challenge the 2013 US OPEN OF SURFING...

In 2003 Cory bested good friend and 3 time World Champion, (the late) Andy Irons for the victory dais. Cory's older brother Shea also won the Open, collecting the coveted title in 1999. Cory and Shea remain the only surfing siblings to have each both won the US Open of Surfing Title.

The Vans US Open of Surfing will run from July 20 through 28 and will be webcast LIVE via http://www.vansusopenofsurfing.com/live

Check back for the event schedule and find out when the former Champ's first Heat will hit the water.

The Vans US Open of Surfing represents the fourth of only eight ASP Prime rated events in 2013, drawing the world’s best surfers to Surf City in search of crucial points towards their ASP World Ranking in front of millions of passionate fans.

The event starts Saturday 7/20/13 and is once again expected to draw record breaking capacity crowds.

Check Cory's Blog & Website for information on Cory's Summer Sweepstakes Contest on Facebook...!

Your chance to win some of Cory's signature swag, like O'Neill Freak Boardshorts, new Custom Signature Headphones by OrigAudio, Anarchy Rally Sunglasses, Freestyle Shark Tide Watch, Cory's Deck Traction by OAM, a case of Rockstar Energy Drink and other cool product from his sponsors. Contest Rules and timeline to be announced soon!!!

Cory Lopez - Backdoor shack "Somewhere Deep in the Caribbean". Photo by Chris Wilson

Cory Lopez News FLASH...!

Cory's on the move... (from Twitter/Instagram)
Cory Lopez on surfing Anna Maria Island…
Instagram/Twitter Post
corylopez: So it's a day trip to one of my favorite beaches on the planet. The place where I learned how to ride the tube. And you know how I start all my road trips, @rockstarenergy tea/lemonade #annamariaisland #stokingoutgroms @teamoneill @freestyle_watch @wavejet @onamissionsurf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos

Cory Lopez makes special Guest Appearance at Eternal Summer Surf Camp (ESSC)

Cory signed posters for over 200 frothing groms at his favorite home break during the Eternal Summer Surf Camp, held July 7th on Anna Maria Island, (Florida's West Coast). Check back soon for photos! ESSC online: http://www.eternalsummersurfcamp.com/

Cory started off his day trip to the break where he "learned to ride the tube" with a Rockstar Energy Tea/Lemonade... http://instagram.com/p/beC5TLQzHw/#

Cory en route to Central America for next ASP 6 Star event, Reef El Salvador Pro...

Cory is now headed to El Salvador to compete in the ASP 6 Star, Reef El Salvador Pro (July 9th - 14th) at the famed right hand cobblestone point break of La Libertad.

Check back soon to find out when Cory's first heat will hit the water in the coming days... http://www.beachbyte.com/aspna/elsalvador13/#/live

Reef El Salvador Pro Event Links...
Reef El Savador Pro Live Contest Link: http://www.beachbyte.com/aspna/elsalvador13/#/live
Reef El Savador Pro Home Page: http://www.beachbyte.com/aspna/elsalvador13/#/home

Check out Cory's two page feature photo spread/interview in the latest issue of Surfer Magazine...
'The 100 Greatest Waves Ever Ridden' - The 'Big Issue' (August 2013 Cover) On newsstands now!
Cory is featured riding the "mile long left" that he helped discover at Skeleton Bay, West Africa during the Google Earth/Surfing Magazine contest in 2008/09. Cory won Surfer Mag's Tube of the year for his ride on this wave in 2009*Also check out Cory getting barreled on his WaveJet, in a full page WaveJet Ad, same issue!

More Cory Lopez News from Twitter...
Cory Launches new Custom Signature Headphones

Jason Lucash @jasonlucash 3 Jul Cool to have @RealCoryLopez come by the office today and work on his signature designed @OrigAudio headphones #surfer #customheadphones
Retweeted by Cory Lopez

Check out Cory's new custom signature Headphones by Orig Audio: http://www.origaudio.com/marketplace/single/206
A portion of sales will go to support one of Cory's favorite charitable organizations;
Surfrider Foundation or Waves for Water... Check back for more details!

Cory Lopez to make special guest appearance, this Sunday,
July 7th 2-4 pm at the Eternal Summer Surf Camp; 

Anna Maria Island, near Bradenton Beach - Manatee County, Florida...

Photo of the Day: Cory Lopez, Nicaragua. Photo: Ellis

"We couldn't be more excited to have Cory come to our camp and see what we are doing! He is an inspiration to so many Florida surfers and to grommets all over the world!"; said Camp Director and co-founder John Bowman. John co-founded the surf camp with Kris Cox from Cox Chevrolet & Mazda, Ryan Bodie and a few other friends in 2008. It has since grown to be one of the largest summer surf camps on the Gulf Coast of Florida and the World! Cory said he is "stoked to come mix it up with the kids" and might have a few posters on hand to sign. The 'Eternal Summer' surf campers might even have an opportunity to catch a ride with Cory on one of his WaveJet "jet powered" surfboards... Conditions permitting.

About Cory Lopez
Cory, along with brothers Shea and Matt hail from Florida's "West Coast" and grew-up surfing the Gulf Beaches from the Lopez home base in Indian Rocks Beach to the beaches of Anna Maria Island and points south. With frequent trips to Florida's East Coast and later to California, Hawaii and the nearby Caribbean; Cory and Shea quickly grew to become two of the most formidable competitive surfing talents statewide. The fires of their surfing enthusiasm stoked by an avid surfing father (Pete Lopez); both brothers quickly translated their skills to the world stage, becoming consistent finishers and top 10 rated surfers on the ASP World Tour. Cory has been ranked as high as #1, with a final season best rating of #3 in the world. Both brothers (Cory & Shea) have each won the U.S. Open of Surfing and earned 3 consecutive ESPN X Games Gold Medals. For more on Cory log-on to: http://www.lopezbrothers.com/cory/ 

About The Eternal Summer Surf Camp (ESSC)
The Eternal Summer Surf Camp was founded in 2008 by a few local surfers who wanted to make a contemporary (non dogmatic), Christian based experience relevant through the instruction of surfing and a healthy exposure to the beach lifestyle/ocean environment. ESSC is free to all kids and the program is funded by private sponsors within the communities where the camps are based. The camp runs 6 weeks every Sunday afternoon from 2-4, then concludes with an awards banquet where "positive, affirming" recognition is given to the kids, volunteers and sponsors. The Eternal Summer Surf Camp has approximately 2,000 "campers" enrolled on it's current summer roster. The camp is independently run and is not directly affiliated with any church or organization. For more information on upcoming summer surf camps, log-on to: www.eternalsummersurfcamp.com. Find us also on Facebook and Instagram. 

Wave Jet Propulsion, featuring Cory Lopez in recent full page Ad - Esquire Magazine (current edition)...

Cory Lopez - Backside Air 360 Sequence: Gulf Coast transplant Cory Lopez owns a wickedly beautiful four-acre lot that stretches from State Road A1A to the Indian River with a mack daddy boat dock about three miles north of Sebastian Inlet. He could have built on it 10 years ago, but he chose the Ponce Inlet area to raise his growing family, as did his brother Shea way before him. Which kinda speaks volumes, eh? Cory flies close to the nest at Ponce. Sequence: Mez  CINCO DE MAY-OH! PART 2 ESM Features

Cory Lopez Heads to Brazil to Contest next ASP Prime Event; 
The Coca Cola Saquarema Quiksilver Pro - Itauna,Saquarema, Brazil

Fresh from the WaveJet Experience Tour in Charleston & Folly Beach, SC;
Cory is off to Brazil to participate in the 2nd ASP Prime Event of the Year; 
The Coca Cola Saquarema Quiksilver Pro Itauna,Saquarema, Brazil...

Watch Cory Surf the Prime Event "Live" in Brazil May 21 - 26, 2013...
The Coca Cola Saquarema Quiksilver Pro Itauna,Saquarema, Brazil

Coca-Cola apresenta Quiksilver Saquarema Prime
Live Link: http://www.quiksilver.com.br/primesaquarema13/

Cory Lopez - WaveJet Experience Tour - Charleston & Folly Beach, SC; Thurs & Fri May 16th/17th, 2013

"Cory was doing a real good job out there today. Everyone had a great time on the Wave Jets. Thanks a lot!"

Cory on beach w/ WaveJet "Experience" participant...
Surfline pre-event Media Release

Thursday, May 16 - Cory Lopez Signing and Pre-Party: Rita's, 2 Center Street, Folly Beach: 7:30pm til…
Friday, May 17 - WAVEJET Demo Day with Ocean Surf Shop and
Cory Lopez: Folly Beach – The Washout East End: 1pm - 6pm
Check out pics & media Links from the WaveJet Experience Tour...!


"Are You Experienced...?" -Jimmy Hendrix, circa 1968

2013 WAVEJET EXPERIENCE TOUR STARTS IN CHARLESTON, SC NEXT THURSDAY! Come join Cory Lopez, Garrett McNamara , Jesse "Life Rolls On" Billauer and the entire WaveJet team for surf sessions, sup sessions, parties and a little southern hospitality! Check out wavejet.com/events for full schedule!


WaveJet Experience Tour Surfline Press Link

To say the waves have been fun this last week would be a understatement.
#floridafun some of the photos by @therealtupat

Check out all the NEW Rockstar Energy Drink US flavors and Cory Lopez killing it on this billboard!!
What's your NEW favorite flavor?  

Cory's quiver of boards being picked-up for ding repair...
Stoked to have @mannyfrizal stop by today and pick up a solid load of boards for repairs.

DON'T GET BURNED! - Protect yourself from the elements 

Cory - Tube Riding on his WaveJet (Outer Caribe 'Secret Spot' TW Surf
and Hawaii - new Surfer Mag Ad; June 2013 Issue).

Cory Lopez Freestyle Ad will be in next month's issue of Surfer Mag

Cory Lopez and others during a recent OBX swell

Cory Lopez - Scoring in France (Team O'Neill 2012 Euro Trip)
Surfer Magazine PHOTO ANNUAL 2012"Deep" in Hossegor...

One image of the sequence published in Surfer Magazine PHOTO ANNUAL 2012.
Cory Lopez stayed only 3 days in France and caught the bomb ! Hossegor - La Graviere.

Photo Blogging The Other Inlet With The Lopez Brothers And Company
Written by Dick "Mez" Meseroll

Ponce inlet is a mellow little pocket of quiet refuge just south of the hustle of Daytona’s open-pipe madness of NASCAR Speedweeks, Bike Week, and Spring Break that descends upon Volusia County every February and March.

From Cory's Instagram w/ Wave Jet "under arm" Photo: TUPAT

Cory Lopez Rock'n the Rockstar 110th Anniversary Edition Harleys w/ Bruce Irons @ Daytona Beach...

Cory "does" catch air on his WaveJet!

Sizzling Backdoor Sequence

Cory Surfing Pipe WATCH SEQUENCE

Cory Lopez & Rockstar Energy Drink Celebrate Harley Davidson's
110th Anniversary @ Daytona Bike Week 2013

Cory Lopez (center) & Rockstar Energy Drink Celebrate Harley Davidson's 110th Anniversary @ Daytona Bike Week 2013" Fun day riding with these guys.

From Board Shorts to Wetsuits...

Cory Lopez - Pre Contest Stretch
@ 2013 Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico

Cory Lopez - Tee's up the Barrel late February Outer Banks, North Carolina

Daytona Meet & Greet w/ Cory Lopez & Brad Keselowski

Cory w/ 4th Place Finisher (#2 Brad Keselewski) a "media frenzy" thrown-in for good measure...
Fellow Team mates for FGXI Foster Grant (Brad - Gargoyles); (Cory - Anarchy). Photos TUPAT

Cory Lopez to join NASCAR Racing Star as Guest with VIP PIT Pass at Daytona 500

Cory Lopez, current Daytona Beach resident and self proclaimed “Huge Fan of NASCAR” will be a VIP PIT Guest of fellow FGXI Foster Grant sponsored Athlete, Brad Keselowski of Brad Keselowski Racing at the famed Daytona 500 Speedway (Feb 16-24). Official Race Day is Sunday, Feburary 24th. Both Legends in their respective sports, Brad Keselowski is sponsored by the FGXI brand Gargoyles, while Cory has been sponsored by the FGXI owned Anarchy brand for a number of years. (Top) Photo: NASCAR Stock/Troika Studio (Right) Cory with Brad Keselowsk

Cory Lopez Rated #12 on ASP World Rankings after
Semi-Final Finish at Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico

Cory Lopez makes Semi-Final Finish at 2013 Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico for 5th Place over-all finish.
Cory held advancing 2nd place position to within the last, dying minutes of the heat; narrowly missing a
finals berth in the stormy conditions. Photos Micah Weaver/ AuraSurf.com

For more photos from the event CLICK HERE

Cory Lopez is still a red-hot name in the Atlantic Ocean. He wasn't on tour when Rip Curl came through with
the Search Pro, and it's been a while since he surfed an event in the Caribbean, but he's ready -ESPN.com

ESPN Preview Link: http://xgames.espn.go.com/surfing/gallery/8923214/17/cory-lopez#

Lost my heat broke my favorite board. It can only get better from here. No worries life's still good.

New Rockstar Point of Sale (POS) Poster of Cory

New Cory Lopez WaveJet Poster

Image: Cory Lopez w/ his Silver Medal for Team USA; 2012 ISA China Cup Runner-up Finish

Review: 2012 ISA China Cup Links (ESPN/TW Surf)...


Team USA Captain Cory Lopez w/ the "Stars & Stripes"...

Cory Lopez (Team USA) w/ Rainos Hayes (Team Hawaii/Coach). ISA China Cup 2013

Cory: New Board - New Stickers (Pre-Comp)

Surfline.com ISA China Cup Feature

Image 21 of 25 in Image Gallery: Cory Lopez Backside AirSurfline Caption: This was Cory Lopez's second ISA China Cup campaign (as Captain for Team USA). Photo: Rommel Gonzales

Image 22 of 25 (Cory in Rockstar Hat w/ Team USA "team mates" + Stars & Stripes)
Surfline Caption: Cory, Puerto Rico's Brian Toth and "wing man" Gabe Kling. Photo: Billy Watts

China Calling

Cory Lopez, former World Tour heavy, has been leading the charge for the US Team for a few years now.
Last year, he took second place at the China Cup to Heath Joske.
You know he wants gold this year. Photo: ISA


Brought to you by Cory's

Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Introducing the World Surfing Adventures of Cory Lopez; a new travel Blog hosted by Gulfster.com and presented by Nekton Surf Shop, O'Neill, Rockstar Energy Drink and www.LopezBrothers.com. Cory's fans will find all kinds of cool content; photos, links and commentary from Cory as he navigates the globe in search of new discoveries and ASP World Tour points. The Blog includes interactive Links to sponsor websites and other cool stuff... Check it out!

Cory Lopez World Travel Blog

Cory Lopez 'Legendary' Video by O'Neill
ESPN.com/5 Days in Costa Rica

Exclusive Interview Feature
- ESPN Action Sports
ESPN - Southbound with Slater and Lopez

Cory Lopez Innersection Final Cut
Cory Lopez Innersection Movie Trailer

Team O'Neill - Close Encounters - Morrocco
O'Neill - Close Encounter 2011 from
O'Neill on Vimeo. 

Check Out my Brother, Shea's Surf Camps in Daytona Beach & Costa Rica...

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